SCHEDULE 3Specific conditions: selling animals as pets

Records and advertisements

2.—(1) A register must be maintained for all the animals or, in the case of fish, all the groups of fish, on the premises which must include —

(a)the full name of the supplier of the animal,

(b)the animal’s sex (where known),

(c)(except in the case of fish) the animal’s age (where known),

(d)details of any veterinary treatment (where known),

(e)the date of birth of the animal or, if the animal was acquired by the licence holder, the date of its acquisition,

(f)the date of the sale of the animal by the licence holder, and

(g)the date of the animal’s death (if applicable).

(2) Where an animal is undergoing any medical treatment—

(a)this fact must be clearly indicated—

(i)in writing next to it, or

(ii)(where appropriate) by labelling it accordingly, and

(b)it must not be sold.

(3) Any advertisement for the sale of an animal must—

(a)include the number of the licence holder’s licence,

(b)specify the local authority that issued the licence,

(c)include a recognisable photograph of the animal being advertised,

(d)(except in the case of fish) display the age of the animal being advertised,

(e)state the country of residence of the animal from which it is being sold, and

(f)state the country of origin of the animal.