SCHEDULE 2General conditions

Monitoring of behaviour and training of animals

7.—(1) Active and effective environmental enrichment must be provided to the animals in inside and any outside environments.

(2) For species whose welfare depends partly on exercise, opportunities to exercise which benefit the animals’ physical and mental health must be provided, unless advice from a veterinarian suggests otherwise.

(3) The animals’ behaviour and any changes of behaviour must be monitored and advice must be sought, as appropriate and without delay, from a veterinarian or, in the case of fish, any person competent to give such advice if adverse or abnormal behaviour is detected.

(4) Where used, training methods or equipment must not cause pain, suffering or injury.

(5) All immature animals must be given suitable and adequate opportunities to—

(a)learn how to interact with people, their own species and other animals where such interaction benefits their welfare, and

(b)become habituated to noises, objects and activities in their environment.