Provisions coming into force on 1st March 2017

2.  The following provisions of the Trade Union Act 2016 come into force on 1st March 2017—

(a)section 2 (ballots: 50% turnout requirement);

(b)section 3 (40% support requirement for industrial action ballots in important public services), to the extent that it is not already in force;

(c)section 5 (information to be included on the voting paper);

(d)section 6 (information to members etc about result of the ballot);

(e)section 7 (information to Certification Officer about industrial action etc);

(f)section 8 (two weeks’ notice to be given to employers of industrial action);

(g)section 9 (expiry of mandate for industrial action);

(h)section 10 (union supervision of picketing);

(i)section 11 (opting in by union members to contribute to political funds), to the extent that it is not already in force;

(j)section 12 (union’s annual return to include details of political expenditure);

(k)section 13 (publication requirements in relation to facility time);

(l)section 15 (restriction on deduction of union subscriptions from wages in public sector) for the purpose of making regulations under section 116B of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992(1) (as inserted by section 15);

(m)section 18 (enforcement by Certification Officer of new annual return requirements);

(n)section 22 (minor and consequential amendments), in so far as it relates to the following paragraphs of Schedule 4—

(i)paragraphs 4 to 14;

(ii)paragraphs 17 to 20; and

(iii)paragraph 21(a) and (c).