1. Introductory Text

  2. PART 1 Introduction

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

    3. 3.Meaning of producer and supplier etc.

    4. 4.Meaning of unit and container pack and the surfaces of a pack

  3. PART 2 Labelling of tobacco products

    1. 5.Combined health warnings on tobacco products for smoking

    2. 6.Range and rotation of combined health warnings

    3. 7.General warnings and information messages on tobacco products for smoking

    4. 8.Position of general warning and information message on cigarettes and hand rolling tobacco

    5. 9.Labelling of large cigars and individually wrapped cigars and cigarillos

    6. 10.Health warning on smokeless tobacco products

    7. 11.General conditions applicable to all health warnings on tobacco products

    8. 12.Images of tobacco products targeted at consumers

  4. PART 3 Emissions, additives and other prohibited ingredients and products

    1. 13.Maximum emission levels of cigarettes

    2. 14.Measurement and verification of emission levels

    3. 15.No flavoured cigarettes or hand rolling tobacco etc.

    4. 16.No vitamins, colourings or prohibited additives in tobacco products

    5. 17.Tobacco for oral use

  5. PART 4 Reporting about tobacco products

    1. 18.Specified information about tobacco products

    2. 19.Ingredients information

    3. 20.Emissions information

    4. 21.Sales data and market research information

    5. 22.Notification of novel tobacco products

    6. 23.Deadline for notification of novel tobacco products

    7. 24.Further information about novel tobacco products

    8. 25.Submission of information

    9. 26.Use of information

    10. 27.No supply of tobacco product where reporting obligation not complied with

  6. PART 5 Herbal products for smoking

    1. 28.Labelling and presentation of herbal products for smoking

    2. 29.Ingredients information for herbal products for smoking

    3. 30.Herbal products for smoking - supplementary

  7. PART 6 Electronic cigarettes

    1. 31.Notification about electronic cigarettes and refill containers

    2. 32.Annual reporting requirement

    3. 33.Submission of information

    4. 34.Secretary of State duty to publish notifications etc.

    5. 35.No supply of product where notification not complied with

    6. 36.Product requirements

    7. 37.Product information and labelling requirements

    8. 38.Product presentation requirement

    9. 39.Vigilance requirements

    10. 40.Action to protect human health

  8. PART 7 Electronic cigarette advertising

    1. 41.Interpretation of Part 7

    2. 42.No advertising of electronic cigarettes in the press etc.

    3. 43.No advertising of electronic cigarettes in information society services

    4. 44.Sponsorship of events etc.

    5. 45.Amendment of section 319 of and Schedule 11A to the Communications Act 2003 (product placement of electronic cigarettes on television)

    6. 46.Amendment of Part 4A of the Communications Act 2003 (on-demand programme services)

  9. PART 8 Distance sales to consumers

    1. 47.Cross-border distance sales of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes etc.

  10. PART 9 Penalties and enforcement

    1. 48.Offences

    2. 49.False or misleading information

    3. 50.Defences

    4. 51.Penalties

    5. 52.Offences by bodies corporate and Scottish partnerships

    6. 53.Enforcement

  11. PART 10 Miscellaneous provisions

    1. 54.Revocation

    2. 55.Saving for tobacco product identification marking

    3. 56.Transitional provisions

    4. 57.Saving for product placement of electronic cigarettes in television programmes the production of which began before 20th May 2016

    5. 58.Review

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      Liability of intermediary information society service providers

      1. 1.Mere conduits

      2. 2.Caching

      3. 3.Hosting

  13. Explanatory Note