Effect of change of address

11.  Where the registrar changes the address of a company’s registered office under section 1097A(7) of the Act or these Regulations, the following duties of the company under the Act are suspended for a period of 28 days beginning on the day the address was changed—

(a)the duty under the following sections of the Act to make company records available for inspection—

(i)section 114 (register of members);

(ii)section 162 (register of directors);

(iii)section 228 (directors’ service contracts or memorandum of terms);

(iv)section 237 (directors’ indemnities);

(v)section 275 (register of secretaries);

(vi)section 358 (records of resolutions etc.);

(vii)sections 388 (accounting records);

(viii)section 702 (contracts relating to the purchase of own shares);

(ix)section 720 (documents relating to redemption or purchase of own shares out of capital by a private company);

(x)section 743 (register of debenture holders);

(xi)section 805 (report to members of outcome of investigation by public company into interests in its shares);

(xii)section 809 (register of interests in shares disclosed to public company); and

(xiii)section 859Q (instruments creating charges);

(b)the duty to display a company’s registered name at the company’s registered office under regulation 21(1)(a) of the 2015 Regulations;

(c)the duty to state information about the company’s registered office in descriptions of document or communication specified under regulation 25(1) of the 2015 Regulations;

(d)the duty to provide information about a company’s registered office on request to those persons the company deals with in the course of business under regulation 27(1)(a) of the 2015 Regulations.