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  1. Introductory Text

  2. PART 1 Introduction

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

    3. 3.Application in and outside Great Britain

  3. PART 2 Client duties

    1. 4.Client duties in relation to managing projects

    2. 5.Appointment of the principal designer and the principal contractor

    3. 6.Notification

    4. 7.Application to domestic clients

  4. PART 3 Health and safety duties and roles

    1. 8.General duties

    2. 9.Duties of designers

    3. 10.Designs prepared or modified outside Great Britain

    4. 11.Duties of a principal designer in relation to health and safety at the pre-construction phase

    5. 12.Construction phase plan and health and safety file

    6. 13.Duties of a principal contractor in relation to health and safety at the construction phase

    7. 14.Principal contractor's duties to consult and engage with workers

    8. 15.Duties of contractors

  5. PART 4 General requirements for all construction sites

    1. 16.Application of Part 4

    2. 17.Safe places of construction work

    3. 18.Good order and site security

    4. 19.Stability of structures

    5. 20.Demolition or dismantling

    6. 21.Explosives

    7. 22.Excavations

    8. 23.Cofferdams and caissons

    9. 24.Reports of inspections

    10. 25.Energy distribution installations

    11. 26.Prevention of drowning

    12. 27.Traffic routes

    13. 28.Vehicles

    14. 29.Prevention of risk from fire, flooding or asphyxiation

    15. 30.Emergency procedures

    16. 31.Emergency routes and exits

    17. 32.Fire detection and fire-fighting

    18. 33.Fresh air

    19. 34.Temperature and weather protection

    20. 35.Lighting

  6. PART 5 General

    1. 36.Enforcement in respect of fire

    2. 37.Transitional and saving provisions

    3. 38.Revocation and consequential amendments

    4. 39.Review

  7. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Particulars to be notified under regulation 6

      1. 1.The date of forwarding the notice.

      2. 2.The address of the construction site or precise description of...

      3. 3.The name of the local authority where the construction site...

      4. 4.A brief description of the project and the construction work...

      5. 5.The following contact details of the client: name, address, telephone...

      6. 6.The following contact details of the principal designer: name, address,...

      7. 7.The following contact details of the principal contractor: name, address,...

      8. 8.The date planned for the start of the construction phase....

      9. 9.The time allocated by the client under regulation 4(1) for...

      10. 10.The planned duration of the construction phase.

      11. 11.The estimated maximum number of people at work on the...

      12. 12.The planned number of contractors on the construction site.

      13. 13.The name and address of any contractor already appointed.

      14. 14.The name and address of any designer already appointed.

      15. 15.A declaration signed by or on behalf of the client...

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Minimum welfare facilities required for construction sites

      1. 1.Sanitary conveniences

      2. 2.Washing facilities

      3. 3.Drinking water

      4. 4.Changing rooms and lockers

      5. 5.Facilities for rest

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Work involving particular risks

      1. 1.Work which puts workers at risk of burial under earthfalls,...

      2. 2.Work which puts workers at risk from chemical or biological...

      3. 3.Work with ionizing radiation requiring the designation of controlled or...

      4. 4.Work near high voltage power lines.

      5. 5.Work exposing workers to the risk of drowning.

      6. 6.Work on wells, underground earthworks and tunnels.

      7. 7.Work carried out by divers having a system of air...

      8. 8.Work carried out by workers in caissons with a compressed...

      9. 9.Work involving the use of explosives.

      10. 10.Work involving the assembly or dismantling of heavy prefabricated components....

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Transitional and saving provisions

      1. 1.In this Schedule— “CDM co-ordinator” means a person appointed under...

      2. 2.These Regulations apply to a relevant project with the modifications...

      3. 3.Projects with no existing CDM co-ordinator or principal contractor

      4. 4.Projects with an existing CDM co-ordinator

      5. 5.Duties of CDM co-ordinator during transitional period

      6. 6.Duties disapplied pending appointment of principal designer

      7. 7.Projects with only one contractor

      8. 8.Savings

    5. SCHEDULE 5


  8. Explanatory Note