SCHEDULE 2Modification of Part 2 of the Transport Act 1968

3.  In section 9A (general functions of Authorities and Executives), after subsection (11) there is inserted—

(12) This section applies to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority as if—

(a)the duty under subsection (3) were a duty for the Authority to secure the provision of such public passenger transport services as it considers appropriate for meeting any public transport requirements within its area which in the view of the Authority would not be met apart from any action taken by it for that purpose;

(b)subsection (3A) were omitted;

(c)in subsection (5)—

(i)the words “for the Executive of that area” were omitted;

(ii)for the words “by the Executive for that area, and the Executive” there were substituted “and”;

(d)in subsections (6) and (7), the references to the Executive were omitted.