Transitional and saving provisions

2.—(1) The saved provisions continue to have effect, and the relevant provisions do not have effect, other than—

(a)in accordance with articles 9, 10 and 11 of the Commencement Order;

(b)in relation to a deportation decision made by the Secretary of State on or after 10th November 2014 in respect of—

(i)a person (“P”) who is a foreign criminal within the definition in section 117D(2) of the 2002 Act;

(ii)a person who is liable to deportation from the United Kingdom under section 3(5)(b) of the 1971 Act because they belong to the family of P.

(2) In this article, “a deportation decision” means a decision to make a deportation order, a decision to refuse to revoke a deportation order, or a decision made under section 32(5) of the UK Borders Act 2007(1).