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The Exclusive Economic Zone Order 2013

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Statutory Instruments

2013 No. 3161

Marine Management

The Exclusive Economic Zone Order 2013


11th December 2013

Laid before Parliament

18th December 2013

Coming into force

31st March 2014

At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 11th day of December 2013


The Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council

Her Majesty, in exercise of the powers conferred on Her by section 41(3) of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009(1), section 84(4)(b) of the Energy Act 2004(2), and section 1(5)(b) of the Energy Act 2008(3), is pleased, by and with the advice of Her Privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered, as follows:—

1.—(1) This Order may be cited as the Exclusive Economic Zone Order 2013, and comes into force on 31st March 2014.

(2) The Gas Importation and Storage Zone (Designation of Area) Order 2009(4) and the Renewable Energy Zone (Designation of Area) Order 2004(5) are revoked.

(3) The coordinates in the Schedules hereto are defined on the World Geodetic System 1984 Datum (WGS84).

2.  The areas defined in Schedule A are designated as the area within which the rights under Part V of the Convention are excisable by the United Kingdom.

3.  However, between points 177 and 184 inclusive, the Renewable Energy Zone and the Gas Importation and Storage Zone extend only to the lines described in column 2 of Schedule B joining in the order given the co-ordinates specified in column 1 of Schedule B.

Richard Tilbrook

Clerk of the Privy Council

Article 2


Point No.



Line Type to following point

153° 52’.22106N005° 49’.53816WStraight line
253° 46’.00N005° 22’.00WMeridian of longitude
353° 45’.80N005° 22’.00WParallel of latitude
453° 45’.80N005° 19’.33WMeridian of longitude
553° 44’.40N005° 19’.33WParallel of latitude
653° 44’.40N005° 17’.85WMeridian of longitude
753° 42’.14N005° 17’.85WParallel of latitude
853° 42’.14N005° 16’.34WMeridian of longitude
953° 39’.00N005° 16’.34WParallel of latitude
1053° 39’.00N005° 17’.00WMeridian of longitude
1153° 32’.00N005° 17’.00WParallel of latitude
1253° 32’.00N005° 19’.00WMeridian of longitude
1353° 26’.00N005° 19’.00WParallel of latitude
1453° 26’.00N005° 20’.00WMeridian of longitude
1553° 09’.00N005° 20’.00WParallel of latitude
1653° 09’.00N005° 19’.00WMeridian of longitude
1752° 59’.00N005° 19’.00WParallel of latitude
1852° 59’.00N005° 22’.50WMeridian of longitude
1952° 52’.00N005° 22’.50WParallel of latitude
2052° 52’.00N005° 24’.50WMeridian of longitude
2152° 44’.00N005° 24’.50WParallel of latitude
2252° 44’.00N005° 28’.00WMeridian of longitude
2352° 32’.00N005° 28’.00WParallel of latitude
2452° 32’.00N005° 22’.80WMeridian of longitude
2552° 24’.00N005° 22’.80WParallel of latitude
2652° 24’.00N005° 35’.00WMeridian of longitude
2752° 16’.00N005° 35’.00WParallel of latitude
2852° 16’.00N005° 39’.00WMeridian of longitude
2952° 12’.00N005° 39’.00WParallel of latitude
3052° 12’.00N005° 42’.00WMeridian of longitude
3152° 08’.00N005° 42’.00WParallel of latitude
3252° 08’.00N005° 46’.00WMeridian of longitude
3352° 04’.00N005° 46’.00WParallel of latitude
3452° 04’.00N005° 50’.00WMeridian of longitude
3552° 00’.00N005° 50’.00WParallel of latitude
3652° 00’.00N005° 54’.00WMeridian of longitude
3751° 58’.00N005° 54’.00WParallel of latitude
3851° 58’.00N005° 57’.00WMeridian of longitude
3951° 54’.00N005° 57’.00WParallel of latitude
4051° 54’.00N006° 00’.00WMeridian of longitude
4151° 50’.00N006° 00’.00WParallel of latitude
4251° 50’.00N006° 06’.00WMeridian of longitude
4351° 40’.00N006° 06’.00WParallel of latitude
4451° 40’.00N006° 18’.00WMeridian of longitude
4551° 30’.00N006° 18’.00WParallel of latitude
4651° 30’.00N006° 33’.00WMeridian of longitude
4751° 20’.00N006° 33’.00WParallel of latitude
4851° 20’.00N006° 42’.00WMeridian of longitude
4951° 10’.00N006° 42’.00WParallel of latitude
5051° 10’.00N006° 48’.00WMeridian of longitude
5151° 00’.00N006° 48’.00WParallel of latitude
5251° 00’.00N007° 03’.00WMeridian of longitude
5350° 50’.00N007° 03’.00WParallel of latitude
5450° 50’.00N007° 12’.00WMeridian of longitude
5550° 40’.00N007° 12’.00WParallel of latitude
5650° 40’.00N007° 36’.00WMeridian of longitude
5750° 30’.00N007° 36’.00WParallel of latitude
5850° 30’.00N008° 00’.00WMeridian of longitude
5950° 20’.00N008° 00’.00WParallel of latitude
6050° 20’.00N008° 12’.00WMeridian of longitude
6150° 10’.00N008° 12’.00WParallel of latitude
6250° 10’.00N008° 24’.00WMeridian of longitude
6350° 00’.00N008° 24’.00WParallel of latitude
6450° 00’.00000N008° 32’.02264WMeridian of longitude
6549° 50’.00000N008° 32’.02264WParallel of latitude
6649° 50’.00000N008° 36’.00000WMeridian of longitude
6749° 40’.00000N008° 36’.00000WParallel of latitude
6849° 40’.00000N008° 45’.00000WMeridian of longitude
6949° 30’.00000N008° 45’.00000WParallel of latitude
7049° 30’.00000N009° 03’.00000WMeridian of longitude
7149° 20’.00000N009° 03’.00000WParallel of latitude
7249° 20’.00000N009° 12’.00000WMeridian of longitude
7349° 10’.00000N009° 12’.00000WParallel of latitude
7449° 10’.00000N009° 17’.00000WMeridian of longitude
7549° 00’.00000N009° 17’.00000WParallel of latitude
7649° 00’.00000N009° 24’.00000WMeridian of longitude
7748° 50’.00000N009° 24’.00000WParallel of latitude
7848° 50’.00000N009° 24’.53688WMeridian of longitude
7948° 30’.00000N009° 24’.53688WParallel of latitude
8048° 30’.00000N009° 48’.00000WMeridian of longitude
8148° 20’.00000N009° 48’.00000WParallel of latitude
8248° 20’.00000N009° 55’.00241WMeridian of longitude
8348° 10’.81127N009° 55’.00241WParallel of latitude
8448° 10’.81127N010° 48’.56229W84 to 85 are joined by a line every point of which is 200 nautical miles from the nearest point on the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is measured.
8547° 26’ 124N009° 52’ 637WGeodesic
8648° 05’.935N009° 36’.588WLoxodrome
8749° 11’.940N005° 41’.587WLoxodrome
8849° 12’.107N005° 40’.587WLoxodrome
8949° 12’.940N005° 20’.753WLoxodrome
9049° 13’.307N005° 18’.087WLoxodrome
9149° 14’.407N005° 11’.087WLoxodrome
9249° 23’.175N004° 32’.735WLoxodrome
9349° 27’.325N004° 21’.852WLoxodrome
9449° 27’.608N004° 17’.985WLoxodrome
9549° 32’.075N003° 55’.868WLoxodrome
9649° 32’.642N003° 42’.818WLoxodrome
9749° 33’.142N003° 34’.918WLoxodrome
9849° 38’.443N003° 21’.085WLoxodrome
9949° 46’.443N002° 56’.585WLoxodrome
10049° 57’.777N002° 48’.485WLoxodrome
10150° 09’.178N002° 03’.517WLoxodrome
10250° 09’.195N001° 30’.083WLoxodrome
10350° 08’.395N001° 00’.083WLoxodrome
10450° 07’.428N000° 30’.082WLoxodrome
10550° 13’.163N000° 15’.582WLoxodrome
10650° 14’.147N000° 02’.152ELoxodrome
10750° 19’.630N000° 36’.118ELoxodrome
10850° 23’.313N000° 46’.570ELoxodrome
10950° 38’.582N001° 07’.353ELoxodrome
11050° 47’.782N001° 15’.385ELoxodrome
11150° 49’.463N001° 15’.810ELoxodrome
11251° 11’.962N001° 53’.253ELoxodrome
11351° 14’.398N001° 57’.218ELoxodrome
11451° 20’.133N002° 02’.218ELoxodrome
11551° 30’.183N002° 07’.218ELoxodrome
11651° 33’.417N002° 14’.218EGeodesic
11751° 36’.733N002° 15’.120EGeodesic
11851° 48’.250N002° 28’.820EGeodesic
11951° 52’.517N002° 32’.280EGeodesic
12051° 58’.950N002° 37’.517EGeodesic
12152° 00’.950N002° 39’.417EGeodesic
12252° 05’.250N002° 42’.117EGeodesic
12352° 05’.950N002° 42’.817EGeodesic
12452° 12’.350N002° 50’.317EGeodesic
12552° 17’.350N002° 55’.917EGeodesic
12652° 24’.950N003° 03’.417EGeodesic
12752° 37’.250N003° 10’.917EGeodesic
12852° 46’.950N003° 12’.217EGeodesic
12952° 52’.950N003° 10’.417EGeodesic
13053° 18’.050N003° 03’.317EGeodesic
13153° 28’.150N003° 00’.917EGeodesic
13253° 35’.050N002° 59’.217EGeodesic
13353° 40’.050N002° 57’.317EGeodesic
13453° 57’.750N002° 51’.917EGeodesic
13554° 22’.750N002° 45’.717EGeodesic
13654° 37’.250N002° 53’.817EGeodesic
13755° 45’.858N003° 22’.130EGeodesic
13855° 50’.059N003° 23’.913EGeodesic
13955° 55’.116N003° 20’.915EGeodesic
14056° 05’.159N003° 14’.914EGeodesic
14156° 35’.660N002° 36’.712EGeodesic
14257° 54’.262N001° 57’.807EGeodesic
14358° 25’.763N001° 28’.905EGeodesic
14459° 17’.365N001° 42’.602EGeodesic
14559° 53’.766N002° 04’.501EGeodesic
14661° 21’.370N001° 47’.295EGeodesic
14761° 44’.171N001° 33’.493EGeodesic
14861° 44’.171N001° 33’.117EGeodesic
14962° 16’.705N001° 10’.571EGeodesic
15062° 19’.652N001° 08’.409EGeodesic
15162° 22’.323N001° 06’.363EGeodesic
15262° 24’.918N001° 04’.323EGeodesic
15362° 27’.520N001° 02’.187EGeodesic
15462° 30’.137N000° 59’.991EGeodesic
15562° 32’.762N000° 57’.697EGeodesic
15662° 36’.319N000° 54’.638EGeodesic
15762° 39’.940N000° 51’.383EGeodesic
15862° 44’.246N000° 47’.352EGeodesic
15962° 53’.466N000° 38’.355EGeodesic
16062° 58’.325N000° 33’.406EGeodesic
16163° 03’.320N000° 28’.098EGeodesic
16263° 38’.153N000° 11’.103WGeodesic
16363° 44’.189N000° 18’.254WGeodesic
16463° 50’.424N000° 25’.904WGeodesic
16563° 53’.224N000° 29’.444WGeodesic
16663° 40’.649N000° 47’.736WGeodesic
16761° 59’.233N003° 03’.325WGeodesic
16861° 52’.114N003° 11’.729WGeodesic
16961° 21’.611N003° 47’.898WGeodesic
17061° 07’.651N003° 59’.619WGeodesic
17161° 04’.449N004° 02’.425WGeodesic
17261° 02’.757N004° 03’.859WGeodesic
17360° 54’.979N004° 10’.497WGeodesic
17460° 51’.809N004° 14’.008WGeodesic
17560° 47’.717N004° 18’.541WGeodesic
17660° 24’.077N004° 44’.272WGeodesic
17760° 21’.101N004° 56’.672WGeodesic
17860° 18’.754N005° 24’.195WGeodesic
17960° 13’.128N006° 25’.047WGeodesic
18059° 59’.536N009° 43’.613WGeodesic
18160° 02’.419N010° 33’.611WGeodesic
18260° 03’.090N010° 52’.953WGeodesic
18360° 02’.833N011° 16’.458WGeodesic
18460° 07’.306N012° 17’.622WGeodesic
18560° 09’.031N013° 16’.199W185 to 186 are joined by a line every point of which is 200 nautical miles from the nearest point on the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is measured.
18656° 34’.63126N014° 19’.86168WParallel of latitude
18756° 34’.63126N014° 10’.00000WMeridian of longitude
18856° 40’.00000N014° 10’.00000WParallel of latitude
18956° 40’.00000N014° 00’.00000WMeridian of longitude
19056° 42’.00N014° 00’.00WParallel of latitude
19156° 42’.00N012° 12’.00WMeridian of longitude
19256° 32’.50N012° 12’.00WParallel of latitude
19356° 32’.50N010° 30’.00WMeridian of longitude
19456° 21’.50N010° 30’.00WParallel of latitude
19556° 21’.50N009° 07’.00WMeridian of longitude
19656° 10’.00N009° 07’.00WParallel of latitude
19756° 10’.00N008° 39’.50WMeridian of longitude
19856° 05’.00N008° 39’.50WParallel of latitude
19956° 05’.00N008° 13’.00WMeridian of longitude
20056° 00’.00N008° 13’.00WParallel of latitude
20156° 00’.00N007° 23’.00WMeridian of longitude
20255° 55’.00N007° 23’.00WParallel of latitude
20355° 55’.00N007° 15’.00WMeridian of longitude
20455° 50’.00N007° 15’.00WParallel of latitude
20555° 50’.00N007° 08’.00WMeridian of longitude
20655° 45’.00N007° 08’.00WParallel of latitude
20755° 45’.00N007° 02’.00WMeridian of longitude
20855° 40’.00N007° 02’.00WParallel of latitude
20955° 40’.00N006° 57’.00WMeridian of longitude
21055° 35’.00N006° 57’.00WParallel of latitude
21155° 35’.00N006° 51’.00WMeridian of longitude
21255° 30’.00N006° 51’.00WParallel of latitude
21355° 30’.00N006° 48’.00WMeridian of longitude
21455° 28’.00N006° 48’.00WParallel of latitude
21555° 28’.00N006° 45’.00WStraight line
21655° 24’.89173N006° 44’.64809W

Article 3


Point No.



Line Type to following point

17660° 24’.077N004° 44’.272WGeodesic
21760°.21’.886N004° 46’.621WGeodesic
21860° 09’.891N005° 13’.717WGeodesic
21960° 01’.549N005° 32’.169WGeodesic
22059° 56’.494N006° 04’.907WGeodesic
22159° 49’.792N008° 38’.602WGeodesic
22259° 50’.490N009° 34’.037WGeodesic
22359° 57’.425N010° 29’.895WGeodesic
18360° 02’.833N011° 16’.458WGeodesic


(This note is not part of the Order)

Under Section 41 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 provision is made for the declaration around the United Kingdom of an exclusive economic zone, that is to say a zone in which the United Kingdom may exercise the rights under Part V of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea; these rights relate principally to the water column and may extend to 200 nautical miles from baselines.

Article 2 of this Order declares the area of the United Kingdom’s exclusive economic zone. It reflects the treaties which have been concluded with the Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway, and the understanding with Germany. Article 3 is required because under the treaties with Denmark relating to the Faroe Islands the area to the north of the line specified can only be utilised for the purposes of renewable energy and gas storage with the prior consent of Denmark. The Orders referred to in Article 1(2) are revoked because they are superseded by the declaration of the Exclusive Economic Zone.

The treaties in question are:

  • Belgium: Exchange of Letters of 25 June and 12 August 2013(Cm 8723);

  • Denmark: Exchange of Notes of 22 October 2009 (relating to the North Sea) (Cm 7893);

  • Agreement of 18 May 1999 (relating to the Faroe Islands) (Cm 4514);

  • Protocol of 25 April 2012 (relating to the Faroe Islands) (Cm8570);

  • France: Exchange of Letters of 20 April 2011 (Cm 8146);

  • Ireland: Agreement of 28 March 2013 (Cm 8666);

  • Netherlands: Exchange of Notes of 19 April and 3 July 2013 (Cm 8724);

  • Norway: Exchange of Notes of 30 April 2009 (Cm 7731).


2004 c.20; section 84(4) was amended by paragraph 4(2) of Schedule 4 to the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.


2008 c.32; section 1(5) was amended by paragraph 5(2) of Schedule 4 to the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009.

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