SCHEDULE 18Amendments relating to Article 15(1) to (4) etc

PART 2Acts of the Parliament of Northern Ireland

Magistrates’ Courts Act (Northern Ireland) 1964

108.—(1) Amend the Magistrates’ Courts Act (Northern Ireland) 1964(1) as follows.

(2) In section 12 (remuneration of resident magistrates) after subsection (1) insert—

(1A) Subject to section 168(2), sums payable under subsection (1) are to be paid by the Department of Justice.

(3) In section 168(2) (expenses) for “Consolidated Fund of the United Kingdom” substitute “Consolidated Fund of Northern Ireland”.


1964 c.21 (N.I.). Functions under the Act were transferred by S.I. 1973/2163. Section 12 was amended by the Judicature (Northern Ireland) Act 1978 (c. 23), section 122 and Schedule 5.