Restrictions on use of service supplied by provider established in another EEA state

29.—(1) A competent authority may not impose on the recipient of a service any requirements which restrict the use of the service as supplied from another EEA state by a provider established in that state.

(2) The requirements referred to in paragraph (1) include in particular—

(a)an authorisation scheme;

(b)a discriminatory limit on the grant of financial assistance to a recipient by reason of the fact that the provider is established in another EEA state or by reason of the location of the place at which the service is provided.

Requirements based on nationality or place of residence

30.—(1) A competent authority may not subject recipients of a service who are individuals to discriminatory requirements based on their nationality or place of residence.

(2) The provider of a service may not, in the general conditions of access to a service which the provider makes available to the public at large, include discriminatory provisions relating to the place of residence of recipients who are individuals.

(3) Paragraph (2) does not apply to differences in conditions of access which are directly justified by objective criteria.