1. Introductory Text

  2. PART I

    1. 1.Citation and coming into force

    2. 2.Interpretation

  3. PART II

    1. Right to statement of particulars of office

      1. 3.Statement of initial particulars of office

      2. 4.Statement of initial particulars: supplementary

      3. 5.Note about disciplinary, capability and grievance procedures and pensions

      4. 6.Statement of changes

      5. 7.Reasonably accessible document

      6. 8.Right to itemised statement of stipend

    2. Enforcement

      1. 9.References to employment tribunals

      2. 10.Determination of references


    1. Entitlement to stipend

      1. 11.Entitlement to stipend of office holders

    2. Provision of accommodation

      1. 12.Duties of relevant housing provider

      2. 13.Rights of entry

      3. 14.Duties of office holder

      4. 15.Disputes and variation of terms

    3. Regulated transactions

      1. 16.Rights to object to regulated transactions

    4. Service of notices

      1. 17.Service of notices

  5. PART IV

    1. Ministerial development review and continuing ministerial education

      1. 18.Ministerial development review

      2. 19.Continuing ministerial education

    2. Training

      1. 20.Holders of designated training posts

  6. PART V

    1. Time off and annual leave

      1. 21.Weekly rest period

      2. 22.Annual leave

    2. Maternity, paternity, parental and adoption leave and time spent on public duties

      1. 23.Entitlement to maternity, paternity, parental and adoption leave

      2. 24.Right to time spent on public duties

      3. 25.Right to time off for ante-natal care

      4. 26.Payment of stipend during time off or time spent on public duties

    3. Sickness

      1. 27.Sickness

      2. 28.Medical examination

  7. PART VI

    1. Limited appointments and termination of appointments

      1. 29.Fixed and other limited term appointments

    2. Compensation for loss of certain offices

      1. 30.Posts subject to potential pastoral reorganisation and priests-in-charge


    1. Capability procedures

      1. 31.Capability procedures to be conducted in accordance with Codes of Practice

    2. Grievance procedures

      1. 32.Archbishops’ Council to issue Codes of Practice concerning grievance procedures


    1. Rights on unfair dismissal

      1. 33.Right to apply to employment tribunal

  10. Signature

  11. Explanatory Note