2.  In these Regulations—

“clearing participant” means a member of EuroCCP who as such is permitted by the Rules of EuroCCP to clear transactions made on the Facility for a traded security and who may or may not also be a participant in the Facility;

“client” means a person who gives instructions to a non-clearing firm for traded securities to be sold on the Facility;

“EuroCCP” means European Central Counterparty Limited, a body corporate which is a recognised clearing house under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000(1);

“the Facility” means the multilateral trading facility operated by Smartpool Trading Limited, a body corporate which is permitted to operate a multilateral trading facility for the purposes of Part 4 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000;

“nominee” means a person whose business is or includes holding traded securities as a nominee for EuroCCP acting in its capacity as a person providing clearing services in connection with a transaction made on the Facility, or as a nominee for a clearing participant (as the case may be);

“non-clearing firm” means a participant in the Facility other than a clearing participant;

“traded securities” means stocks and shares which are issued or raised by a body corporate but does not include stocks and shares issued by a body corporate not incorporated in the United Kingdom unless—


the stocks and shares are registered in a register kept in the United Kingdom by or on behalf of the body corporate; or


in the case of shares, they are paired, within the meaning of section 99(6A) of the Finance Act 1986(2), with shares issued by a body corporate incorporated in the United Kingdom.


1986 c. 41. Subsections (3) to (6A) of section 99 were substituted for subsections (3) to (6) by section 144(2) of the Finance Act 1988 (c. 39). Subsection (6A) was amended by section 113(2) of the Finance Act 1990 (c. 29). The whole of Part 4 of the 1986 Act is to be repealed from a date to be appointed (see sections 110 and 111(1) of the 1990 Act).