2.  In this Order—

“client” means the client of a solicitor;

“costs” means the amount charged in a solicitor’s bill, exclusive of disbursements and value added tax, in respect of non-contentious business;

“entitled person” means a client or an entitled third party;

“entitled third party” means a residuary beneficiary absolutely and immediately (and not contingently) entitled to an inheritance, where a solicitor has charged the estate for his professional costs for acting in the administration of the estate and the only personal representatives are—


solicitors (whether or not acting in a professional capacity);


solicitors acting jointly with partners, managers or employees in a professional capacity;


employees of a solicitor sole practitioner acting in that capacity; or


managers or employees of a recognised body acting in that capacity;

“manager” has the same meaning as in the Legal Services Act 2007(1) (see section 207 of that Act);

“paid disbursements” means disbursements already paid by the solicitor;

“recognised body” means a body recognised by the Law Society under section 9 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985(2);

“registered European lawyer” means a registered European lawyer within the meaning of the European Communities (Lawyer’s Practice) Regulations 2000(3) who is registered with the Law Society;

“residuary beneficiary” includes a person entitled to all or part of the residue of an intestate estate; and

“solicitor” includes a registered European lawyer and a recognised body.


1985 c. 61, as amended by the Legal Services Act 2007 (c. 29), section 177 and paragraph 81 of Schedule 16.