PART 4Inspection of air-conditioning systems

Application and interpretation of Part 4

20.—(1) This Part applies to air-conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12kW.

(2) Where the relevant person has the power to control the temperature of more than one individual air-conditioning unit in a building, each unit shall be considered to be a component of a single air-conditioning system for the purposes of paragraph (1).

(3) In this Part “effective rated output” means the maximum calorific output specified and guaranteed by the manufacturer of the system as being deliverable during continuous operation while complying with the useful efficiency indicated by the manufacturer.

Inspections of air-conditioning systems

21.—(1) It is the duty of the relevant person in relation to an air-conditioning system to which this Part applies to ensure that the system is inspected by an energy assessor at regular intervals not exceeding five years.

(2) The first inspection of the system must take place before the relevant date.

(3) In this regulation “the relevant date”—

(a)where the system is first put into service on or after 1st January 2008, means the last day of the period of five years beginning with the date on which the system is first put into service; and

(b)where paragraph (a) does not apply—

(i)in the case of a system with an effective rated output of more than 250kW, means 4th January 2009; or

(ii)in the case of a system with an effective rated output of more than 12kW, means 4th January 2011.


22.—(1) Where an energy assessor undertakes an inspection of the system he must make a written report of the inspection and give it to the relevant person as soon as practicable after completing the inspection.

(2) The inspection report must include an assessment of the air-conditioning efficiency and the sizing of the system compared to the cooling requirements of the building, and contain appropriate advice on possible improvements to the system, replacement of the system and alternative solutions.

(3) The inspection report must include the following information—

(a)the address of the building in which the system is located;

(b)the name of the energy assessor;

(c)the name and address of the energy assessor’s employer, or, if he is self-employed, the name under which he trades and his address;

(d)the date on which the inspection occurred; and

(e)the name of the approved accreditation scheme of which the energy assessor is a member.

Keeping of records etc

23.—(1) The relevant person must keep the most recent inspection report made by an energy assessor pursuant to regulation 22.

(2) Where the relevant person changes, the previous relevant person must give to the new relevant person any inspection report kept by him under this regulation.

Changes of relevant person

24.  Where on or after 4th January 2011—

(a)the relevant person changes; and

(b)the new relevant person is not given any inspection report,

the new relevant person must ensure that the system is inspected within three months of the day on which he becomes the relevant person.