SCHEDULE 3Descriptions: exempt waste operations and other operations to which section 33(1)(a) of the 1990 Act does not apply

PART 1Exempt waste operations: descriptions

Scrap metal furnaces

2.—(1) Loading or unloading a scrap metal furnace, except at a place used for carrying on the business of a scrap metal dealer (within the meaning given by section 9(1) of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964).

(2) Storing, at the place where a scrap metal furnace is located, scrap metal intended to be loaded into that scrap metal furnace.

(3) In this paragraph “scrap metal furnace” means a furnace—

(a)with a designed holding capacity of less than 25 tonnes operated such that it is or forms part of an activity within—

(i)paragraph (a), (b) or (d) of Part B of Section 2.1 of Part 2 of Schedule 1, or

(ii)paragraph (a), (b) or (e) of Part B of Section 2.2 of Part 2 of Schedule 1; and

(b)which is operated under an environmental permit.