SCHEDULE 21Consequential amendments

PART 2Subordinate legislation

The Hazardous Waste (Wales) Regulations 2005

46.—(1) The Hazardous Waste (Wales) Regulations 2005(1) are amended as follows.

(2) In regulation 2(1), for sub-paragraph (a) substitute—

“the Waste Directive” (“y Gyfarwyddeb Wastraff”) means Council Directive 2006/12/EC on waste; and.

(3) In regulation 5(1)—

(a)omit the definitions of “the 1994 Regulations” and “waste management licence”;

(b)after the definition of “the 1996 Regulations”, insert—

“the 2007 Regulations” (“Rheoliadau 2007”) means the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2007;;

(c)after the definition of “emergency services”, insert—

“environmental permit” (“trwydded amgylcheddol”) has the meaning given in the 2007 Regulations;;

(d)for the definition of “registered exemption”, substitute—

“registered exemption” (“esemptiad cofrestredig”) means an activity set out in Part 1 of Schedule 3 to the 2007 Regulations which is registered with the exemption registration authority in accordance with those Regulations;;

(e)for the definition of “waste permit”, substitute—

“waste permit” (“trwydded gwastraff”) means an environmental permit under the 2007 Regulations, a licence under Part II of the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985 or a consent under Chapter II of Part III of the Water Resources Act 1991..

(4) In regulation 22(2), for “a waste management licence” substitute “an environmental permit”.

(5) In regulation 26(4)(d), for “paragraph 13 of Schedule 4 to the 1994 Regulations” substitute “regulation 34(2) of the 2007 Regulations”.

(6) In regulation 42(6)(a), for all the words after “waste permit” substitute “or is entitled to carry on a registered exemption in respect of the recovery or disposal of the waste; and”.

(7) In Part E of the consignment note in Schedule 4 delete “waste management licence/”.


S.I. 2005/1806 (W. 138), to which there are amendments not relevant to these Regulations.