Regulation 35(k)

SCHEDULE 17Provision in relation to titanium dioxide


1.  This Schedule applies in relation to every regulated facility which carries on the chlorine process or the sulphate process.


2.—(1) In this Schedule—

“the Titanium Dioxide Directive” means Council Directive 92/112/EEC on procedures for harmonizing the programmes for the reduction and eventual elimination of pollution caused by waste from the titanium dioxide industry(1); and

“chlorine process” and “sulphate process” have the same meanings as they have in Article 2 of the Titanium Dioxide Directive.

(2) When interpreting the Titanium Dioxide Directive for the purposes of this Schedule, an expression defined in Part 1 of these Regulations has the meaning given in that Part.

Exercise of relevant functions

3.  The regulator must exercise its relevant functions so as to ensure compliance with the following provisions of the Titanium Dioxide Directive—

(a)Article 4;

(b)Article 6;

(c)Article 9;

(d)Article 10;

(e)Article 11.


OJ No. L 409, 31.12.1992, p11.