Repeals and amendment

2.—(1) In the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988(1)–

(a)in section 10 (Jurisdiction of district court in Scotland), subsection (2) is repealed;

(b)after section 34(5) (Disqualification for certain offences) there is inserted–

(5A) In relation to Scotland, references in this section to the court include the district court.;

(c)in section 50 (Powers of district court in Scotland), paragraph (b) and the word “or” immediately preceding it are repealed.

(2) In the Criminal Proceedings etc. (Reform) (Scotland) Act 2007(2)–

(a)in paragraph 7(a) of the schedule, for the words from “10” to “(2)” substitute “10(1) (jurisdiction of district court in relation to fixed penalty offences and offences where conditional offer may be sent)”;

(b)in paragraph 7(d) of the schedule, after the word “sections” there is inserted, “34(5A) (disqualification for certain offences),”.