The client’s duty in relation to the health and safety file

17.—(1) The client shall ensure that the CDM co-ordinator is provided with all the health and safety information in the client’s possession (or which is reasonably obtainable) relating to the project which is likely to be needed for inclusion in the health and safety file, including information specified in regulation 4(9)(c) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006(1).

(2) Where a single health and safety file relates to more than one project, site or structure, or where it includes other related information, the client shall ensure that the information relating to each site or structure can be easily identified.

(3) The client shall take reasonable steps to ensure that after the construction phase the information in the health and safety file—

(a)is kept available for inspection by any person who may need it to comply with the relevant statutory provisions; and

(b)is revised as often as may be appropriate to incorporate any relevant new information.

(4) It shall be sufficient compliance with paragraph (3)(a) by a client who disposes of his entire interest in the structure if he delivers the health and safety file to the person who acquires his interest in it and ensures that he is aware of the nature and purpose of the file.