The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Information, instruction and trainingE+W+S

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10.—(1) Where his employees are exposed to noise which is likely to be at or above a lower exposure action value, the employer shall provide those employees and their representatives with suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), the information, instruction and training provided under that paragraph shall include—

(a)the nature of risks from exposure to noise;

(b)the organisational and technical measures taken in order to comply with the requirements of regulation 6;

(c)the exposure limit values and upper and lower exposure action values set out in regulation 4;

(d)the significant findings of the risk assessment, including any measurements taken, with an explanation of those findings;

(e)the availability and provision of personal hearing protectors under regulation 7 and their correct use in accordance with regulation 8(2);

(f)why and how to detect and report signs of hearing damage;

(g)the entitlement to health surveillance under regulation 9 and its purposes;

(h)safe working practices to minimise exposure to noise; and

(i)the collective results of any health surveillance undertaken in accordance with regulation 9 in a form calculated to prevent those results from being identified as relating to a particular person.

(3) The information, instruction and training required by paragraph (1) shall be updated to take account of significant changes in the type of work carried out or the working methods used by the employer.

(4) The employer shall ensure that any person, whether or not his employee, who carries out work in connection with the employer's duties under these Regulations has suitable and sufficient information, instruction and training.