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The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Establishment of Conservation Board) Order 2004

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  1. Introductory Text

  2. PART I Introductory

    1. 1.Citation and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

  3. PART II Establishment, constitution and administration of the Board

    1. 3.Establishment of the Board

    2. 4.Specified number of Board members

    3. 5.Appointment of local authority members

    4. 6.Appointment of parish members

    5. 7.First appointment of members

    6. 8.Resignation of office

    7. 9.Vacancies

    8. 10.Notice of appointment, etc.

    9. 11.Removal of members appointed by the Secretary of State

    10. 12.Disqualification of members

    11. 13.Vacation of office for failure to attend meetings

    12. 14.Conduct of members and staff

    13. 15.Allowances and time off for members

    14. 16.Meetings and proceedings of the Board

    15. 17.Discharge of functions, committees and sub-committees, and staff

    16. 18.Chief officer

    17. 19.Personal liability of members and staff

    18. 20.Liaison with parish councils and parish meetings

    19. 21.Records, access to meetings and documents, notices and documents

    20. 22.Reports and returns

    21. 23.Financial administration and accounts, etc.

    22. 23A.Retirement Benefits

    23. 24.Maladministration

  4. PART III Concurrent functions of the Board

    1. 25.Concurrent functions

  5. PART IV Incidental, supplemental, consequential and transitional provisions

    1. 26.Land, enforceability of covenants

    2. 27.Agreements as to incidental matters

    3. 28.Borrowing

    4. 29.Miscellaneous transactions and powers

    5. 30.Supply of goods and services

    6. 31.Power to execute works outside the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    7. 32.Power to promote Bills

    8. 33.Restrictions on publicity

    9. 34.Contracting out

    10. 35.Continuity of exercise of functions

    11. 36.Transfer of staff

  6. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1


      1. Bath and North East Somerset Council

      2. Cheltenham Borough Council

      3. Cherwell District Council

      4. Cotswold District Council

      5. Gloucestershire County Council

      6. ...

      7. Oxfordshire County Council

      8. South Gloucestershire Council

      9. Stratford on Avon District Council

      10. Stroud District Council

      11. Tewkesbury Borough Council

      12. Warwickshire County Council

      13. West Oxfordshire District Council

      14. West Wiltshire District Council

      15. Wiltshire County Council

      16. Worcestershire County Council

      17. Wychavon District Council

    2. SCHEDULE 2


      1. PART I Appointment of First Parish Members

        1. General

          1. 1.In this Schedule— “a completed nomination form” means a form...

          2. 2.The first parish members of the Board shall be appointed...

          3. 3.Each of the 8 groups of parishes specified in Part...

        2. Notice of election and nomination of candidates

          1. 4.(1) The Countryside Agency shall, not later than 15 days...

          2. 5.A completed nomination form shall— (a) state the full name...

        3. Decisions as to validity of nomination papers

          1. 6.(1) Where a completed nomination form is delivered to the...

        4. Notification of persons nominated

          1. 7.(1) Not later than 79 days from the start date...

        5. Withdrawal of candidates

          1. 8.A candidate may withdraw his candidature by notice of withdrawal—...

        6. Method of election, and notification where election uncontested

          1. 9.Where in respect of any group of parishes specified in...

        7. Contested elections: the ballot

          1. 10.(1) Where under paragraph 9(b) a poll is to be...

        8. Contested elections: counting of votes, equality of votes and recording the result

          1. 11.The Countryside Agency shall as soon as possible count the...

          2. 12.Where after the counting of the votes is completed, an...

          3. 13.As soon as the result of the poll has been...

        9. Contested elections: notification of the result

          1. 14.As soon as the Countryside Agency have recorded a candidate...

        10. Retention of election papers

          1. 15.The Countryside Agency shall retain all documents relating to an...

      2. PART II Appointment of Parish Members of the Board to fill a Vacancy

        1. Notice of election and nomination of candidates

          1. 16.Where a vacancy in the membership of the Board is...

          2. 17.The notice of election referred to in paragraph 16 shall—...

          3. 18.Paragraph 5 (completed nomination form) shall apply to an appointment...

        2. Decisions as to validity of nomination papers

          1. 19.Paragraph 6 (decisions as to validity of nomination papers) shall...

        3. Notification of persons nominated

          1. 20.The Board shall, as soon as practicable, give to each...

        4. Withdrawal of candidates

          1. 21.A candidate may withdraw his candidature by notice of withdrawal—...

        5. Method of election, and notification where election is uncontested

          1. 22.(1) Where one candidate remains validly nominated, that person shall...

        6. Contested elections: the ballot

          1. 23.(1) Where under paragraph 22(2) a poll is to be...

        7. Contested elections: counting of votes, equality of votes and recording the result

          1. 24.(1) Paragraphs 11 to 13 (counting of votes, equality of...

        8. Contested elections: notification of the result

          1. 25.As soon as the Board have recorded a candidate as...

        9. Retention of election papers

          1. 26.The Board shall retain all documents relating to an election...

      3. PART III Election Failing to provide a Candidate for the Position of a Parish Member of the Board

        1. 27.Where an election held in accordance with—

        2. 28.(1) Where an election held in accordance with Part I...

        3. 29.(1) Where an election held in accordance with Part II...

        4. 30.(1) Where an election in accordance with paragraphs 28, 29...


        1. Group 1 Parish Councils

          1. Admington Parish Council

          2. Avon Dassett Parish Council

          3. Barton-On-The-Heath Parish Council

          4. Bourton-On-The-Hill Parish Council

          5. Brailes Parish Council

          6. Broadway Parish Council

          7. Cherington and Stourton Parish Council

          8. Chipping Campden Town Council

          9. Ebrington Parish Council

          10. Epwell Parish Council

          11. Evenlode Parish Council

          12. Great Wolford Parish Council

          13. Ilmington Parish Council

          14. Little Compton Parish Council

          15. Long Compton Parish Council

          16. Mickleton Parish Council

          17. Quinton Parish Council

          18. Radway Parish Council

          19. Ratley And Upton Parish Council

          20. Rollright Parish Council

          21. Shenington With Alkerton Parish Council

          22. Sibford Gower Parish Council

          23. Snowshill Parish Council

          24. Stourton Parish Council

          25. Tysoe Parish Council

          26. Warmington Parish Council

          27. Weston Subedge Parish Council

          28. Whichford Parish Council

          29. Willersey Parish Council

        2. Parish Meetings

          1. Aston Subedge Parish Meeting

          2. Barcheston & Willington Parish Meeting

          3. Batsford Parish Meeting

          4. Chastleton Parish Meeting

          5. Compton Wynyates Parish Meeting

          6. Honington Parish Meeting

          7. Little Wolford Parish Meeting

          8. Saintbury Parish Meeting

          9. Sutton-Under-Brailes Parish Meeting

        3. Group 2 Parish Councils

          1. Ascott-Under-Wychwood Parish Council

          2. Asthal Parish Council

          3. Barrington Parish Council

          4. Bledington Parish Council

          5. Chadlington Parish Council

          6. Charlbury Town Council

          7. Chipping Norton Town Council

          8. Churchill & Sarsden Parish Council

          9. Combe Parish Council

          10. Crawley Parish Council

          11. Finstock Parish Council

          12. Fulbrook Parish Council

          13. Great Rissington Parish Council

          14. Hailey Parish Council

          15. Hanborough Parish Council

          16. Kingham Parish Council

          17. Leafield Parish Council

          18. Milton-Under-Wychwood Parish Council

          19. Minster Lovell Parish Council

          20. North Leigh Parish Council

          21. Over Norton Parish Council

          22. Ramsden Parish Council

          23. Salford Parish Council

          24. Shipton-Under-Wychwood Parish Council

          25. Spelsbury Parish Council

          26. Stonesfield Parish Council

          27. Swinbrook And Widford Parish Council

          28. Wootton Parish Council

        4. Parish Meetings

          1. Blenheim Parish Meeting

          2. Bruern Parish Meeting

          3. Chilson Parish meeting

          4. Cornbury And Wychwood Parish Meeting

          5. Cornwell Parish Meeting

          6. Fawler Parish Meeting

          7. Fifield Parish Meeting

          8. Lyneham Parish Meeting

          9. Taynton Parish Meeting

        5. Group 3 Parish Councils

          1. Aldsworth Parish Council

          2. Blockley Parish Council

          3. Bourton-On-The-Water Parish Council

          4. Burford Town Council

          5. Cold Aston Parish Council

          6. Condicote Parish Council

          7. Cutsdean Parish Council

          8. Guiting Power Parish Council

          9. Hawling Parish Council

          10. Little Rissington Parish Council

          11. Longborough Parish Council

          12. Lower Slaughter Parish Council

          13. Lower Swell Parish Council

          14. Maugersbury Parish Council

          15. Moreton-In-MarshTown Council

          16. Naunton Parish Council

          17. Northleach With Eastington Town Council

          18. Oddington Parish Council

          19. Sherborne Parish Council

          20. Stanway Parish Council

          21. Stow-On-The-Wold Town Council

          22. Temple Guiting Parish Council

          23. Upper Rissington Parish Council

          24. Upper Slaughter Parish Council

          25. Wyck Rissington Parish Council

        6. Parish Meetings

          1. Adlestrop Parish Meeting

          2. Broadwell Parish Meeting

          3. Clapton on the Hill Parish Meeting

          4. Compton Abdale Parish Meeting

          5. Donnington Parish Meeting

          6. Farmington Parish Meeting

          7. Hazleton Parish Meeting

          8. Icomb Parish Meeting

          9. Idbury Parish Meeting

          10. Notgrove Parish Meeting

          11. Sezincote Parish Meeting

          12. Turkdean Parish Meeting

          13. Westcote Parish Meeting

          14. Windrush Parish Meeting

        7. Group 4 Parish Councils

          1. Ampney Crucis Parish Council

          2. Andoversford Parish Council

          3. Bagendon Parish Council

          4. Baunton Parish Council

          5. Bibury Parish Council

          6. Chedworth Parish Council

          7. Coln St Aldwyns Parish Council

          8. Coln St Dennis Parish Council

          9. Cranham Parish Council

          10. Daglingworth Parish Council

          11. The Duntisbournes Parish CouncilEastleach Parish Council

          12. Elkstone Parish Council

          13. Hatherop Parish Council

          14. Langford Parish Council

          15. Miserden Parish Council

          16. North Cerney Parish Council

          17. Preston Parish Council

          18. Quenington Parish Council

          19. Rendcomb Parish Council

          20. Shipton Parish Council

          21. Southrop Parish Council

          22. Winstone Parish Council

          23. Withington Parish Council

        8. Parish Meetings

          1. Ampney St Mary Parish Meeting

          2. Barnsley Parish Meeting

          3. Colesbourne Parish Meeting

          4. Edgeworth Parish Meeting

          5. Hampnett Parish Meeting

          6. Winson Parish Meeting

          7. Syde Parish Meeting

          8. Yanworth Parish Meeting

        9. Group 5 Parish Councils

          1. Acton Turville Parish Council

          2. Avening Parish Council

          3. Badminton Parish Council

          4. Beverstone Parish Council

          5. Biddestone Parish Council

          6. Box Parish Council

          7. Boxwell With Leighterton Parish Council

          8. Brokenborough Parish Council

          9. Castle Combe Parish Council

          10. Cherington Parish Council

          11. Cirencester Town Council

          12. Coates Parish Council

          13. Colerne Parish Council

          14. Corsham Parish Council

          15. Crudwell Parish Council

          16. Easton Grey Parish Council

          17. Grittleton Parish Council

          18. Hullavington Parish Council

          19. Long Newnton Parish Council

          20. Malmesbury Parish Council

          21. Minchinhampton Parish Council

          22. Norton Parish Council

          23. Rodmarton Parish Council

          24. Sapperton Parish Council

          25. Sherston Parish Council

          26. Shipton Moyne Parish Council

          27. Sopworth Parish Council

          28. St Paul Malmesbury Without Parish Council

          29. Tetbury Town Council

          30. Tetbury Upton Parish Council

          31. Westonbirt With Lasborough Parish Council

          32. Wotton-Under-Edge Parish Council

          33. Yatton Keynell Parish Council

        10. Parish Meetings

          1. Ashley Parish Meeting

          2. Owlpen Parish Meeting

          3. Ozleworth Parish Meeting

        11. Group 6 Parish Councils

          1. Bathampton Parish Council

          2. Batheaston Parish Council

          3. Bathford Parish Council

          4. Bitton Parish Council

          5. Bradford-On-Avon Town Council

          6. Charlcombe Parish Council

          7. Claverton Parish Council

          8. Cold Ashton Parish Council

          9. Combe Hay Parish Council

          10. Dodington Parish Council

          11. Doynton Parish Council

          12. Dyrham And Hinton Parish Council

          13. Freshford Parish Council

          14. Hawkesbury Parish Council

          15. Hillesley And Tresham Parish Council

          16. Hinton Charterhouse Parish Council

          17. Horton Parish Council

          18. Limpley Stoke Parish Council

          19. Little Sodbury Parish Council

          20. Luckington Parish Council

          21. Marshfield Parish Council

          22. Monkton Combe Parish Council

          23. Monkton Farleigh Parish Council

          24. Nettleton Parish Council

          25. North Stoke Parish Council

          26. North Wraxall Parish Council

          27. Norton St Philip Parish Council

          28. St Catherine Parish Council

          29. Sodbury Town Council

          30. South Stoke Parish Council

          31. Swainswick Parish Council

          32. Tormarton Parish Council

          33. Wellow Parish Council

          34. Westwood Parish Council

          35. Wick And Abson Parish Council

          36. Winsley Parish Council

        12. Parish Meeting

          1. Kelston Parish Meeting

        13. Group 7 Parish Councils

          1. Alderley Parish Council

          2. Bisley-With-Lypiatt Parish Council

          3. Brimpsfield Parish Council

          4. Brookthorpe-With-Whaddon Parish Council

          5. Cainscross Parish Council

          6. Cam Parish Council

          7. Chalford Parish Council

          8. Coaley Parish Council

          9. Didmarton Parish Council

          10. Dursley Parish Council

          11. Frocester Parish Council

          12. Harescombe Parish Council

          13. Haresfield Parish Council

          14. Horsley Parish Council

          15. Kingscote Parish Council

          16. King’s Stanley Parish Council

          17. Leonard Stanley Parish Council

          18. Nailsworth Parish Council

          19. North Nibley Parish Council

          20. Nympsfield Parish Council

          21. Painswick Parish Council

          22. Pitchcombe Parish Council

          23. Randwick Parish Council

          24. Rodborough Parish Council

          25. Standish Parish Council

          26. Stinchcombe Parish Council

          27. Stonehouse Parish Council

          28. Stroud Parish Council

          29. Thrupp Parish Council

          30. Uley Parish Council

          31. Upton St Leonards Parish Council

          32. Whiteshill And Ruscombe Parish Council

          33. Woodchester Parish Council

        14. Group 8 Parish Councils

          1. Alderton Parish Council

          2. Ashton Under Hill Parish Council

          3. Badgeworth Parish Council

          4. Beckford Parish Council

          5. Birlingham Parish Council

          6. Bredon Parish Council

          7. Bredon’s Norton Parish Council

          8. Bricklehampton Parish Council

          9. Brockworth Parish Council

          10. Buckland Parish Council

          11. Charlton Kings Parish Council

          12. Coberley Parish Council

          13. Conderton Parish Council

          14. Cowley Parish Council

          15. Dowdeswell Parish Council

          16. Dumbleton Parish Council

          17. Eckington Parish Council

          18. Elmley Castle Parish Council

          19. Gotherington Parish Council

          20. Great Comberton Parish Council

          21. Great Witcombe Parish Council

          22. Gretton Parish Council

          23. Hinton On The Green Parish Council

          24. Kemerton Parish Council

          25. Leckhampton Parish Council

          26. Little Comberton Parish Council

          27. Overbury Parish Council

          28. Oxenton Parish Council

          29. Prescott Parish Council

          30. Prestbury Parish Council

          31. Sedgeberrow Parish Council

          32. Sevenhampton Parish Council

          33. Shurdington Parish Council

          34. Southam Parish Council

          35. Stanton Parish Council

          36. Sudeley Parish Council

          37. Teddington Parish Council

          38. Toddington Parish Council

          39. Winchcombe Parish Council

          40. Woodmancote Parish Council

        15. Parish Meeting

          1. Whittington Parish Meeting

    3. SCHEDULE 3


      1. First meeting of the Board

        1. 1.(1) The first meeting of the Board shall be convened...

      2. Annual general meetings and other meetings of the Board

        1. 2.(1) The first meeting of the Board, as provided for...

        2. 3.(1) In 2005 and in each succeeding year the Board...

        3. 4.(1) The chairman of the Board or, if the office...

      3. Chairman and deputy chairman

        1. 5.(1) The first chairman and deputy chairman of the Board...

      4. Calling of meetings

        1. 6.(1) Meetings of the Board shall be held at such...

      5. Conduct of meetings

        1. 7.(1) At a meeting of the Board the chairman, if...

      6. Minutes of proceedings of meetings

        1. 8.A copy of the minutes of the proceedings at each...

    4. SCHEDULE 4


      1. 1.In this Schedule— “contract of employment” means any agreement between...

      2. 2.(1) This paragraph applies to any person—

  7. Explanatory Note

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