Formalities of petition

10.—(1) A petition shall on each sheet state—

(a)the name of the local authority to whom it is addressed; and

(b)the constitutional change in relation to which the referendum is sought.

(2) A petition shall, on each sheet, contain a statement in the terms set out in Schedule 1 to these Regulations or in terms to similar effect.

(3) In relation to each person who signs a petition the following information shall be given—

(a)his first name and surname and address; and

(b)the date on which he signs the petition.

(4) A petition shall contain, or shall be accompanied by a statement that contains, the name and full address of the person (in this Part referred to as the “petition organiser”) to whom correspondence relating to the petition is to be sent.

(5) Where petitions are amalgamated before they are presented to the authority—

(a)the petition organisers of each of the constituent petitions shall determine the identity of the person (whether or not he is the petition organiser of any of the constituent petitions) who is to be the petition organiser for the purposes of the amalgamated petition; and

(b)the petition organiser of the amalgamated petition shall notify the authority of his name and full address.