1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Title, commencement and extent

  3. 2.Revocation

  4. 3.Interpretation

  5. 4.Contracts to which these Regulations apply

  6. 5.Excepted contracts

  7. 6.Contracts to which only part of these Regulations apply

  8. 7.Information required prior to the conclusion of the contract

  9. 8.Written and additional information

  10. 9.Services performed through the use of a means of distance communication

  11. 10.Right to cancel

  12. 11.Cancellation period in the case of contracts for the supply of goods

  13. 12.Cancellation period in the case of contracts for the supply of services

  14. 13.Exceptions to the right to cancel

  15. 14.Recovery of sums paid by or on behalf of the consumer on cancellation, and return of security

  16. 15.Automatic cancellation of a related credit agreement

  17. 16.Repayment of credit and interest after cancellation of a related credit agreement

  18. 17.Restoration of goods by consumer after cancellation

  19. 18.Goods given in part-exchange

  20. 19.Performance

  21. 20.Effect of non-performance on related credit agreement

  22. 21.Payment by card

  23. 22.Amendments to the Unsolicited Goods and Services Act 1971

  24. 23.Amendments to the Unsolicited Goods and Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1976

  25. 24.Inertia Selling

  26. 25.No contracting-out

  27. 26.Consideration of complaints

  28. 27.Injunctions to secure compliance with these Regulations

  29. 28.Notification of undertakings and orders to the Director

  30. 29.Publication, information and advice

  31. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Indicative list of means of distance communication

      1. 1.Unaddressed printed matter.

      2. 2.Addressed printed matter.

      3. 3.Letter.

      4. 4.Press advertising with order form.

      5. 5.Catalogue.

      6. 6.Telephone with human intervention.

      7. 7.Telephone without human intervention (automatic calling machine, audiotext).

      8. 8.Radio.

      9. 9.Videophone (telephone with screen).

      10. 10.Videotext (microcomputer and television screen) with keyboard or touch screen....

      11. 11.Electronic mail.

      12. 12.Facsimile machine (fax).

      13. 13.Television (teleshopping).

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Non-exhaustive list of financial services

      1. 1.Investment services.

      2. 2.Insurance and reinsurance operations.

      3. 3.Banking services.

      4. 4.Services relating to dealings in futures or options. Such services...

  32. Explanatory Note