Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Order)

This Order lists all those bodies which appear to the Secretary of State to be recognised bodies within section 214(2)(a) or (b) of the Education Reform Act 1988. These are universities, colleges or other bodies which are authorised by Royal Charter or by or under Act of Parliament to grant degrees and other bodies for the time being permitted by the aforementioned bodies to act on their behalf in the granting of degrees. An award granted by such a body is not an award of a kind referred to in section 214(1), which makes it an offence to grant, offer to grant, or issue any invitation relating to certain unrecognised degrees and awards.

This Order updates and replaces the list of bodies contained in the Education (Recognised Bodies) Order 1993, which is revoked. It includes a number of institutions which have been authorised to award degrees under section 76 of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992(1), and section 48 of the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 1992(2). It also includes a number of schools, colleges and institutes of London University which have been permitted by the University to award University of London degrees.