Statutory Instruments

1996 No. 519 (S.52)


The Lands Tribunal for Scotland (Amendment) (Fees) Rules 1996


28th February 1996

Coming into force

1st April 1996

The Lord Advocate, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 3(6) and (12)(e) of the Lands Tribunal Act 1949(1) and now vested in him(2) and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, and with the approval of the Treasury, hereby makes the following Rules:


1949 c. 42; subsection (12)(e) of section 3 was inserted by the Conveyancing and Feudal Reform (Scotland) Act 1970 (c. 35), section 50(2) and amended by article 3(3)(c) of S.I. 1972/2002; the amendments to subsection (6) of section 3 are not relevant to these Rules.


S.I. 1972/2002.