East Riding Deeds Registry

5.  Those functions in respect of the deeds register of the former East Riding Deeds Registry(1) which, apart from the abolition of the County Council of Humberside effected by the Humberside (Structural Change) Order 1995 would have fallen to be discharged by that Council shall be discharged by the East Riding of Yorkshire District Council(2); and in any enactment or instrument relating to the Deeds Registry references to a county council shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be construed as references to the East Riding of Yorkshire District Council.


The East Riding Deeds Registry was closed for all purposes on 1st April 1976.


The Humberside (Structural Change) Order 1995 provides that the Humberside County Council shall be abolished on 1st April 1996, and that the East Riding District Council shall be constituted on that date. The Law of Property Act 1969 (c. 59) makes provision in respect of the disposal of registers of closed registries and the preservation of documents forming part of those registers.