The notice shall—

1.—(a) specify the description of the electrical equipment to which the notice relates;

(b)state that the enforcement authority suspects that affixing of the CE marking to the electrical equipment involves a contravention of a provision or provisions of these Regulations and the reasons for that suspicion;

(c)specify the provision or provisions referred to in paragraph (b) above;

(d)require that person—

(i)to secure that any electrical equipment to which the notice relates conforms as regards the provisions concerning the CE marking and to end the infringement within such period as may be specified by the notice; or

(ii)to provide evidence within that period to the satisfaction of the enforcement authority that all the provisions of these Regulations have been complied with; and

(e)warn that person that if the non-conformity continues (or if satisfactory evidence has not been produced under sub-paragraph (ii) of paragraph (d) above) within the period specified in the notice, further action may be taken under these Regulations in respect of that electrical equipment or any electrical equipment of the same type supplied by that person.