Retention of records

4.  –

(1) An applicant shall retain for a period of four years from the relevant date any bill, account, receipt, voucher or other record relating to–

(a)the number of cattle kept on his holding during the period of six months following that date, and

(b)any transaction concerning cattle, milk or milk products carried out by him on that date and during the period of twelve months following that date.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of paragraph (1) above, an applicant shall either–

(a)retain for a period of four years from the relevant date the special register referred to in Article 4g(4) of Council Regulation 805/68, or

(b)retain for such period any records which he has kept under Article 3(1) of the Movement of Animals (Records) Order 1960((1)) and Article 9(1) of the Bovine Animals (Iden-tification, Marking and Breeding Records) Order 1990((2)), provided that the suckler cows for which an application for premium was made are clearly distinguished from the other animals recorded in such records.


S.I. 1960/105, relevant amending instruments are S.I. 1961/1493 and 1989/879.


S.I. 1990/1867, amended by S.I. 1993/503.