Amendment of the principal Regulations

7.—(1) At the end of regulation 12(1)(c) the word “or” shall be inserted and immediately following regulation 12(1)(c) there shall be inserted the following paragraphs:–

(d)sells any milk after the date shown in a “use by” date relating to it; or

(e)being a person other than whichever of the manufacturer, packer or seller established within the European Economic Community was originally responsible for so marking the milk, alters the indication of minimum durability or, as the case may be, the “use by” date relating to that milk;.

(2) At the end of regulation 12 there shall be added the following paragraph:–

(3) In any proceedings for an offence under paragraph (1)(e) above it shall be a defence for the person charged to prove that each alteration in respect of which the offence is alleged was effected under the written authorisation of a person capable of effecting that alteration without contravention of that provision..