Amendment of the principal Regulations

5.  Immediately following regulation 21 there shall be inserted the following regulation:–

Form of indication of “use by” date

21A.(1) Where a “use by” date is required in respect of a food it shall be indicated by–

(a)the words “use by” followed by the date up to and including which the food, if properly stored, is recommended for use, and

(b)any storage conditions which need to be observed.

(2) The “use by” date shall be expressed in terms either of a day and a month (in that order) or of a day, a month and a year (in that order).

(3) The date up to and including which a food required to bear a “use by” date is recommended for use may appear separately from the words “use by”, provided that those words are followed by a reference to the place where the date appears..