2.  In these Regulations—

“regulated vehicle” means any vehicle which is propelled by an internal combustion engine and is designed or constructed primarily for use in leisure activities (including competitive racing) on either


all types of land surface or


all types of land surface other than any highway or any other road, or bridge over which a road passes, to which the public has access,and not primarily for agricultural or forestry purposes but does not include


a vehicle which is specially designed, constructed or adapted for the use of a person suffering from some physical defect or disability; or


a two-wheeled motor cycle with a side-car attached thereto;

“regulator” means a device which is fitted in a regulated vehicle and which is not capable of being adjusted or removed from the vehicle without the use of tools or equipment and which, when operated, regulates the speed at which the vehicle can travel;“supply” includes offering to supply, agreeing to supply, exposing for supply and possessing for supply.