1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation and commencement

  3. 2.Interpretation

  4. 3.Use Classes

  5. 4.Change of use of part of building or land

  6. 5.Revocation


      1. PART A

        1. Class A1. Shops

        2. Class A2. Financial and professional services

        3. Class A3. Food and drink

      2. PART B

        1. Class B1. Business

        2. Class B2. General industrial

        3. Class B3. Special Industrial Group A

        4. Class B4. Special Industrial Group B

        5. Class B5. Special Industrial Group C

        6. Class B6. Special Industrial Group D

        7. Class B7. Special Industrial Group E

        8. Class B8. Storage or distribution

      3. PART C

        1. Class C1. Hotels and hostels

        2. Class C2. Residential institutions

        3. Use as a hospital or nursing home.

        4. Use as a residential school, college or training centre.

        5. Class C3. Dwellinghouses

      4. PART D

        1. Class D1. Non-residential institutions

        2. Class D2. Assembly and leisure

  7. Explanatory Note