Qualification of elected members

19.—(1) Rule 31 shall become paragraph (1) of that rule.

(2) At the beginning of rule 31 there shall be inserted the words “Subject to the provisions of rule 1(3)” and for the words “age to vote at a Parliamentary election” there shall be substituted the words “eighteen years or upwards”.

(3) In rule 31(1) the proviso shall be omitted, and at the end of rule 31(1) there shall be inserted the following paragraph:—

(2) Where a diocese is divided into two or more areas in accordance with rule 32(2), any person who under this rule is qualified for election for the diocese shall be qualified for election for any such area whether or not the parish on whose roll his name is entered, or the cathedral church at which he is a habitual worshipper, is situated in that area, but no person shall be nominated for more than one such area at the same time.