Statutory Instruments

1962 No. 297 (L.5)


The Deeds of Arrangement (Amendment) Rules, 1962


13th February 1962

Coming into Operation

1st March 1962

I, David, Viscount Kilmuir, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, with the concurrence of the President of the Board of Trade, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by subsection (5) of section 22 of the Administration of Justice Act, 1925, hereby make the following Rules:—

1.  The Deeds of Arrangement Rules, 1925(1), as amended(2), shall have effect subject to the amendment that any reference therein to registered post shall be construed as including a reference to the recorded delivery service.

2.  These Rules may be cited as the Deeds of Arrangement (Amendment) Rules, 1962, and shall come into operation on the first day of March, 1962.

Dated this twelfth day of February, 1962.

Kilmuir, C

I concur,

F.J. Erroll

President of the Board of Trade

Dated this thirteenth day of February, 1962


These Rules amend the Deeds of Arrangement Rules, 1925, by providing for the use of the recorded delivery service as an alternative to registered post.


(Rev. V, p. 711: 1925, p. 210).


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