4.—(1) There shall be imposed on rights or interests with respect to industrial property acquired before the coming into force of the Treaty, by the Government or nationals of Italy such limitations, conditions and restrictions as the Board of Trade may deem necessary in the national interest and may prescribe and any transfer or other dealing with any industrial property so acquired as aforesaid effected since the 11th day of June, 1940, shall, if and so far as it is inconsistent with any limitations, conditions or restrictions so imposed, be void.

(2) So far as may be necessary for the purpose of Article 79(4) of the Treaty, Sections 1(2) and 2 of the Patents, Designs, Copyright and Trade Marks (Emergency) Act, 1939, shall in relation to the Government of Italy and Italian nationals, continue in force as if reference therein to an enemy or an enemy subject included references to the Government of Italy and an Italian national.

(3) The Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks shall have power to refuse any application for the grant of a patent for any invention relating to any article of the nature specified in Annex XIIIC of the Treaty, being an invention referred to in paragraph 6 of Annex XVA of the Treaty or to revoke a patent for any such invention provided that he shall not exercise that power adversely to an applicant or patentee without giving the applicant or patentee an opportunity of being heard, if the applicant or patentee so requires.