As to other Matters :

As to Offences committed within the Jurisdiction of the Admiralty.

9Where any Person shall, within the Jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England or Ireland, become an Accessory to any Felony, whether the same be a Felony at Common Law or by virtue of any Act passed or to be passed, and whether such Felony shall be committed within that Jurisdiction or elsewhere, or shall be begun within that Jurisdiction and completed elsewhere, or shall be begun elsewhere and completed within that Jurisdiction, the Offence of such Person shall be Felony ; and in any Indictment for any such Offence the Venue in the Margin shall be the same as if the Offence had been committed in the County or Place in which such Person shall be indicted, and his Offence shall be averred to have been committed " on the High Seas;" provided that nothing herein contained shall alter or affect any of the Laws relating to the Government of Her Majesty's Land or Naval Forces.

Act not to extend to Scotland.

10Nothing in this Act contained shall extend to Scotland, except as herein-before otherwise expressly provided.

Commencement of Act.

11This Act shall commence and take effect on the First Day of November One thousand eight hundred and sixty-one.