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15 Contributions towards the cost of providing houses constructed by special methods approved by the Secretary of State.S

(1)Where, with a view to expediting the provision of housing accommodation, the Secretary of State approves for the purposes of this section any method of constructing houses which differs from the traditional methods, and—

(a)at any time before the end of December, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, a local authority submit to the Secretary of State proposals for providing, in the exercise of their functions under Part III of the Act of 1925, a new house constructed by a method so approved;

(b)the Secretary of State is satisfied that the cost to the authority of providing the house will exceed the cost which the authority would incur in providing on the same site a house of similar size constructed by a traditional method, and that the amount of the excess will be substantial; and

(c)the Secretary of State, with the consent of the Treasury, determines that the authority ought to receive a contribution under this section to defray the excess, and determines the amount of the contribution which is appropriate for that purpose;

then, the Secretary of State shall make to the authority in respect of the house a contribution of the amount so determined.

(2)A contribution under this section shall be made by way of a lump sum payment upon the completion of the house.

(3)The provisions of this section shall be without prejudice to any power or duty of the Secretary of State to make any payment in respect of a house under any other provision of this Act.

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1 “The Act of 1925” means the Housing (Scotland) Act 1925 (c. 15)