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Public Health Act 1936


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. PART I Local Administration.

    1. Local authorities and their districts.

      1. 1.Local authorities for purposes of Act.

    2. Port health authorities and, joint boards.

      1. 2.Constitution of port health district under port health authority.

      2. 3.Jurisdiction, powers, and &c. of port health authority.

      3. 4.Restriction on discharge of functions by local authorities within port health district.

      4. 5.Existing port sanitary authorities to be renamed port health authorities.

      5. 6.Union of districts, or parts of districts, for certain purposes under joint board.

      6. 7.Restriction on discharge of functions by local authorities within united district.

      7. 8.Joint boards representing councils of counties and county boroughs.

      8. 9.General provisions as to orders constituting port health districts, united districts and joint boards.

      9. 10.Borrowing powers of port health authorities and joint boards..

    3. Division of districts.

      1. 11.Power of urban authority to divide their district.

      2. 12.Constitution and dissolution of special purpose areas in rural districts.

    4. Investment of rural authorities with urban powers.

      1. 13.Power of Minister to invest particular rural authority with urban powers.

  3. PART II Sanitation and Buildings.

    1. Sewerage and sewage disposal.

      1. 14.General duty of local authority to provide for sewerage of their district.

      2. 15.Provision of public sewers and sewage disposal works.

      3. 16.Notices to be given before constructing public sewers, or sewage disposal Works, outside district.

      4. 17.Adoption by local authority of sewers and sewage disposal works.

      5. 18.Power of local authority to agree to adopt sewer or drain, or sewage disposal works, at future date.

      6. 19.Power of local authority to require proposed sewer or drain to be so constructed, as to form part of general system.

      7. 20.Vesting of public sewers and sewage disposal works in local authority.

      8. 21.Agreements with county council for use of highway drains and sewers for sanitary purposes, or to allow public sewers to be used for drainage of highways.

      9. 22.Power of local authority to alter, or close, public sewers.

      10. 23.General duty of local authority to maintain public sewers.

      11. 24.Power of local authority to recover cost of maintaining certain lengths of public sewers.

      12. 25.Buildings not to be erected without consent over sewer or drain shown on deposited map.

      13. 26.Local authority to afford facilities for factories to drain into public sewers.

      14. 27.Certain matters not to be passed into public sewers.

      15. 28.Communication of sewers with sewers of another sewerage authority.

      16. 29.Powers of local authority as respects land held for treating sewage.

      17. 30.Sewage, and &c, to be purified before discharge into streams, canals, and &c.

      18. 31.Local authority not to create any nuisance.

      19. 32.Duty of local authority to keep map showing public sewers, and &c.

      20. 33.Application of 27 and 28 Vict. c. 114 to works for supply of sewage.

    2. Private sewers and drains and cesspools.

      1. 34.Right of owners and occupiers within district to drain into public sewers.

      2. 35.Use of public sewers by owners and occupiers without district.

      3. 36.Right of local authority to undertake the making of communications with public sewers.

      4. 37.New buildings to be provided with any necessary drains, and &c.

      5. 38.Drainage of buildings in combination.

      6. 39.Provisions as to drainage, and &c, of existing buildings.

      7. 40.Provisions as to soil pipes and ventilating shafts.

      8. 41.In urban district notice to be given of intention to repair, reconstruct or alter underground drains.

      9. 42.Power of local authority to alter drainage system of premises.

    3. Sanitary conveniences for buildings.

      1. 43.Closet accommodation to be provided for new buildings.

      2. 44.Buildings having insufficient closet accommodation, or closets so defective as to require reconstruction.

      3. 45.Buildings having defective closets capable of repair.

      4. 46.Sanitary conveniences in factories, workshops and workplaces.

      5. 47.Replacement of earthclosets, and &c, by waterclosets at joint expense of owner and local authority.

    4. Supplemental provisions as to drains, sanitary conveniences, cesspools, &c.

      1. 48.Power of local authority to examine and test drains, and &c, believed to be defective.

      2. 49.Rooms over closets of certain types, or over ashpits, and &c, not to be used as living, sleeping or work rooms.

      3. 50.Overflowing and leaking cesspools.

      4. 51.Care of closets.

      5. 52.Care of sanitary conveniences used in common.

    5. Provisions with respect to buildings.

      1. 53.Special provisions as to buildings constructed of materials which are short-lived, or otherwise unsuitable for use in permanent buildings.

      2. 54.Power to prohibit erection of buildings on ground filled up with offensive material.

      3. 55.Means of access to houses for removal of refuse, and &c.

      4. 56.Yards and passages to be paved and drained.

      5. 57.Entrances to certain courts not to be closed or narrowed.

      6. 58.Dangerous or dilapidated buildings and structures.

      7. 59.Exits, entrances, and &c, in the case of certain public, and other, buildings.

      8. 60.Means of escape from fire in the case of certain high buildings.

    6. Byelaws with respect to buildings and sanitation.

      1. 61.Byelaws as to buildings and sanitation.

      2. 62.Application of certain byelaws to existing buildings.

      3. 63.Power of local authority with consent of Minister to relax requirements of byelaws.

      4. 64.Passing or rejection of plans, and power to retain plans, and &c.

      5. 65.Power to require removal or alteration of work not in conformity with byelaws, or executed notwithstanding rejection of plans, and &c.

      6. 66.Deposit of plans to be of no effect after certain interval.

      7. 67.Power to refer questions arising under building byelaws to the Minister.

      8. 68.Temporary operation of building byelaws.

      9. 69.Power of the Minister to make building byelaws in case of default, and to revoke unreasonable byelaws.

      10. 70.Certain information, and copies of certain local enactments, to be appended to printed copies of building byelaws.

      11. 71.Exemption of certain buildings from building byelaws.

    7. Removal of refuse, scavenging, keeping of animals, etc..

      1. 72.Removal of house refuse, cleansing of ashpits, and &c.

      2. 73.Removal of trade refuse and other matters.

      3. 74.Power of local authority in certain cases to remove refuse or cleanse cesspools, and &c. on behalf of owner or occupier.

      4. 75.Regulation dustbins.

      5. 76.Provisions as to deposit and disposal of refuse, and for prohibiting interference with dustbins and refuse tips.

      6. 77.Sweeping and watering of streets.

      7. 78.Scavenging of common courts and passages.

      8. 79.Power to require removal of noxious matter by occupier of premises in urban district.

      9. 80.Power to require periodical removal of manure, and &c, from stables, and &c, in urban district.

      10. 81.Byelaws for the prevention of certain nuisances.

      11. 82.Byelaws as to removal through streets of offensive matter or liquid.

    8. Filthy or verminous premises or articles, and verminous persons.

      1. 83.Cleansing of filthy or verminous premises.

      2. 84.Cleansing or destruction of filthy or verminous articles.

      3. 85.Cleansing of verminous persons and their clothing.

      4. 86.Provision of cleansing stations.

    9. Public sanitary conveniences.

      1. 87.Provision of public conveniences.

      2. 88.Control over conveniences in, or accessible from, streets.

      3. 89.Power to require sanitary conveniences to be provided at inns, refreshment houses, and &c.

    10. General.

      1. 90.Interpretation of Part II.

  4. PART III Nuisances and offensive trades.

    1. General duty of local authority.

      1. 91.Duty of local authority to inspect district for detection of nuisances.

    2. Nuisances which may be dealt with summarily.

      1. 92.Statutory nuisances.

      2. 93.Service of abatement notice.

      3. 94.Power of court to make nuisance order if abatement notice disregarded.

      4. 95.Penalty for contravention of nuisance order, and abatement of nuisance by local authority.

      5. 96.Costs of local authority in abating, or preventing recurrence of, nuisance.

      6. 97.Proceedings where nuisance caused by acts or default of more than one person.

      7. 98.Power to proceed where cause of nuisance arises outside district.

      8. 99.Power of individual to make complaint as to statutory nuisance.

      9. 100.Local authority may take proceedings in High Court for abatement of statutory nuisance.

    3. Smoke nuisances.

      1. 101.Smoke nuisances.

      2. 102.Notice to occupier of existence of smoke nuisance.

      3. 103.Procedure with respect to smoke nuisances.

      4. 104.Byelaws as to smoke.

      5. 105.Power of local authority to investigate problems relating to atmospheric pollution.

      6. 106.Application to Crown of provisions as to smoke nuisances.

    4. Offensive trades.

      1. 107.Restriction on establishment of offensive trade in urban district.

      2. 108.Byelaws as to certain trades in urban districts.

    5. General.

      1. 109.Saving for mines, smelting works, and &c.

      2. 110.Interpretation of Part III.

  5. PART IV Water Supply.

    1. General duties and powers of local authority.

      1. 111.Duty of local authority with respect to water supplies within their district.

      2. 112.Power to supply water for non-domestic purposes.

      3. 113.Power of local authority in certain circumstances to supply water to premises outside their district.

      4. 114.Power of local authority to supply water in bulk to adjoining authority.

      5. 115.Purity of water for domestic supply.

    2. Waterworks and other sources of supply.

      1. 116.General powers of local authority for supplying district with water.

      2. 117.Rights of statutory undertakers where local authority supply water with their, consent.

      3. 118.Notices to be given before constructing reservoir.

      4. 119.Powers and duties of local authority in respect of laying and maintaining water mains.

      5. 120.Incorporation of certain provisions of Waterworks Clauses Acts.

      6. 121.Power of owner or occupier to break open streets for laying pipes, subject, in certain cases, to right of local authority to execute the work.

      7. 122.Power of water undertakers to supply water, or sell or lease waterworks, to local authority.

      8. 123.Power of local authority to give guarantees to water companies, and &c.

    3. Public wells, pumps, &c.

      1. 124.Certain public pumps, wells, cisterns, and &c, vested in local authority.

      2. 125.Power of parish council to utilise wells, springs or streams for obtaining water.

    4. Charges for water.

      1. 126.General power of local authority to make charges for water.

      2. 127.Power to charge by meter for supply to certain premises and for certain purposes.

      3. 128.Power to charge for water supplied by stand-pipes, and &c.

      4. 129.Water rates on small tenements may be demanded from the owners.

      5. 130.Water rates may be made recoverable half-yearly.

      6. 131.Adjustment in respect of Water rate where net annual value of premises is altered.

    5. Byelaws for preventing waste &c. of water: provisions as to meters and other fittings.

      1. 132.Byelaws for preventing waste, misuse or contamination of water, and &c.

      2. 133.Power to inspect and test water fittings.

      3. 134.Charges for hire of, and repairs to, meters.

      4. 135.Penalty for injuring water fittings, and &c, or for fraudulent use of water.

      5. 136.Register of meter to be evidence.

    6. Power of local authority to require houses to be supplied with water.

      1. 137.New houses to be provided with sufficient water supply.

      2. 138.Power of local authority to require any occupied house to be provided with sufficient water supply.

      3. 139.Appeal by owner against requirement to provide water supply.

    7. Provisions for the protection of public from polluted water.

      1. 140.Power to close, or restrict use of water from, polluted source of supply.

      2. 141.Power to deal with insanitary cisterns, and &c.

    8. General.

      1. 142.Interpretation of Part IV.

  6. PART V Prevention, Notification and Treatment of Disease.

    1. Regulations for the prevention and treatment of infectious disease, dec.

      1. 143.Power of Minister to make regulations with a view to the treatment of certain diseases, and for preventing the spread of such diseases.

    2. Notification of disease.

      1. 144.Obligation to notify certain diseases.

      2. 145.Supply of forms of certificate, and fees for certificates.

      3. 146.Notification of cases occurring in buildings occupied for purposes of the defence services.

      4. 147.Power of local authority to declare further diseases to be notifiable.

    3. Provisions for preventing spread of infection.

      1. 148.Penalty on exposure of persons and articles liable to convey notifiable disease.

      2. 149.Person suffering from notifiable disease not to carry on occupation to danger of others.

      3. 150.Child liable to convey notifiable disease may be ordered not to attend school.

      4. 151.Local authority may require list of day-scholars at school where notifiable disease exists.

      5. 152.Restrictions on sending or taking infected articles to laundry or public washhouse, or to cleaners.

      6. 153.Power to prohibit home work on premises where notifiable disease exists.

      7. 154.Restrictions on sales, and &c, by persons collecting, or dealing in, rags, old clothes or similar articles.

      8. 155.Provisions as to library books.

      9. 156.Infectious matter not to be placed in dustbins.

      10. 157.Provisions as to the letting of houses, or rooms in hotels, after recent case of notifiable disease.

      11. 158.Persons ceasing to occupy house to disclose to owner any recent case of notifiable disease, and to disinfect.

      12. 159.Provisions as to use of public conveyances by persons suffering from notifiable disease.

      13. 160.Duty of owner, and &c, of public conveyance in regard to cases of notifiable disease.

      14. 161.Power of Minister to make regulations as to disposal of dead bodies.

      15. 162.Power of justice to order dead body to be removed to mortuary, or buried forthwith.

      16. 163.Restrictions in certain cases on removal of bodies of persons dying in hospital.

      17. 164.Avoidance of contact with body of person who suffered from notifiable disease.

      18. 165.Wake not to be held over body of person who suffered from notifiable disease.

    4. Provisions as to disinfection of premises and articles, and the removal of infected persons.

      1. 166.Power of local authority to provide disinfecting station.

      2. 167.Cleansing and disinfection of premises and articles therein.

      3. 168.Power of local authority to remove temporarily inmates of infected house.

      4. 169.Provision for removal to hospital of persons suffering from notifiable disease where serious risk of infection being spread.

      5. 170.Power of justice to order detention in hospital of infected person without proper lodging to return to.

    5. Provisions as to treatment of tuberculosis.

      1. 171.Institutional treatment of tuberculosis.

      2. 172.Removal to hospital of infectious persons suffering from tuberculosis of the respiratory tract.

      3. 173.General provisions as to treatment of tuberculosis and after-care.

      4. 174.Expenses of county councils in connection with tuberculosis.

      5. 175.Special provisions with respect to treatment of tuberculous seamen.

    6. Provisions with respect to blindness.

      1. 176.Power of county councils and local authorities in respect of the prevention and treatment of blindness.

    7. Miscellaneous.

      1. 177.Power of local authority to provide temporary supply of medicine and medical assistance, and to provide nursing attendance in certain cases.

      2. 178.Power of county councils and local authorities to subscribe to nursing associations.

      3. 179.Instruction, lectures, and &c, on questions relating to health or disease.

      4. 180.Qualifications for certain appointments in connection with tuberculosis and venereal disease.

  7. PART VI Hospitals, Nursing Homes, &c.

    1. Hospitals.

      1. 181.Provision of hospital accommodation by county councils and local authorities.

      2. 182.Consultation with voluntary hospitals as to accommodation to be provided.

      3. 183.Power to provide houses for officers of a hospital.

      4. 184.Recovery of expenses of maintenance in certain institutions.

      5. 185.County schemes for provision of hospital accommodation for infectious disease.

      6. 186.Expenses of county councils in making provision for the treatment of infectious disease.

    2. Nursing homes.

      1. 187.Registration of nursing homes.

      2. 188.Cancellation of registration.

      3. 189.Procedure, and right of appeal, where registration refused or cancelled.

      4. 190.Byelaws as to nursing homes.

      5. 191.Inspection of nursing homes.

      6. 192.Power of registration authority to exempt certain institutions.

      7. 193.Power of Minister to exempt Christian Science nursing homes.

      8. 194.Delegation of powers as to nursing homes by county council to council of county district.

      9. 195.Offences by companies under provisions of Part VI relating to nursing homes.

    3. Laboratories, ambulances, mortuaries, &c.

      1. 196.Provision of laboratories.

      2. 197.Provision of ambulances.

      3. 198.Provision of mortuaries and post-mortem rooms.

    4. General.

      1. 199.Interpretation of Part VI.

  8. PART VII Notification of Births; Maternity and Child Welfare, and Child Life Protection.

    1. Welfare authorities.

      1. 200.Welfare authorities.

      2. 201.Maternity and child welfare committee of welfare authority.

      3. 202.Expenses of county council as welfare authority.

    2. Notification of births.

      1. 203.Provision for early notification of births.

    3. Maternity and child welfare.

      1. 204.Powers of welfare authority with respect to maternity and child welfare.

      2. 205.Women not to be employed in factories or workshops within four weeks after birth of a child.

    4. Child life protection.

      1. 206.Notices to be given by persons receiving children for reward.

      2. 207.Notices to be given if residence is changed, or if foster child dies, or is removed.

      3. 208.Penalties for failure to give notices.

      4. 209.Appointment and powers of child protection visitors.

      5. 210.Persons prohibited from receiving foster children.

      6. 211.Power of welfare authority to prevent overcrowding where foster children kept.

      7. 212.Removal of foster children kept in unsuitable premises, or by unsuitable persons.

      8. 213.Death of foster child to be notified to coroner.

      9. 214.Avoidance of insurances on lives of foster children.

      10. 215.Prohibition of anonymous advertisements offering to undertake care of children.

      11. 216.Offences in connection with notices under this Part of Act.

      12. 217.Other offences under this Part of Act.

      13. 218.Welfare authority may maintain child in place of safety.

      14. 219.Exemptions from this Part of Act.

      15. 220.Interpretation of Part VII.

  9. PART VIII Baths, Washhouses, Bathing Places, &c.

    1. Provision of baths, &c.

      1. 221.Power of local authority to provide baths, bathing places and washhouses.

      2. 222.Charges for use of baths, and &c.

      3. 223.Byelaws for regulation of baths, and &c.

      4. 224.Baths, and &c, to be public places for certain purposes.

      5. 225.Use of baths and bathing places for swimming contests, and &c, or by schools or clubs.

      6. 226.Closing of baths and bathing places during winter months, and use for other purposes.

      7. 227.Power of local authority to lay pipes for purposes connected with baths, and &c.

      8. 228.Power of trustees to sell existing baths, and &c, to local authority.

      9. 229.Power of statutory undertakers to supply water, gas or electricity to baths, and &c, on favourable terms.

      10. 230.Power of parish council to provide baths, bathing places and washhouses.

    2. Public bathing.

      1. 231.Byelaws with respect to public bathing.

      2. 232.Provision of bathing huts, and &c.

      3. 233.Byelaws with respect to swimming baths and bathing pools not under the management of a local authority.

    3. Life-saving appliances.

      1. 234.Provision of life-saving appliances.

  10. PART IX Common Lodging-houses.

    1. 235.Definition of " common lodging-house ".

    2. 236.No person to keep a common lodging-house unless registered in respect thereof.

    3. 237.Register of common lodging-house keepers and their houses.

    4. 238.Provisions with respect to registration.

    5. 239.Appeals against refusal of registration.

    6. 240.Byelaws as to common lodging-houses.

    7. 241.Management and control of common lodging-houses.

    8. 242.Duty of keeper of common lodging-house to notify cases of infectious disease.

    9. 243.Power of justice to order medical examination of inmates of common lodging-house.

    10. 244.Power to remove to hospital inmate of common lodging-house suffering from a notifiable disease.

    11. 245.Power of court to order closing of common lodginghouse on account of notifiable disease.

    12. 246.Offences in connection with common lodginghouses.

    13. 247.Power of court on conviction to cancel registration and to disqualify for re-registration.

    14. 248.Evidence in legal proceedings under Part IX.

  11. PART X Canal Boats.

    1. 249.Authorities for registering, and enforcing provisions as to, canal boats.

    2. 250.Canal boats used as dwellings to be registered.

    3. 251.Regulations as to canal boats.

    4. 252.Registration of canal boats and certificates of registration.

    5. 253.Penalties for use of unregistered canal boat as dwelling, and for breach of regulations.

    6. 254.Infectious disease on canal boats.

    7. 255.Power to enter and inspect canal boat.

    8. 256.Prosecution of offences.

    9. 257.Application of Part X to London.

    10. 258.Interpretation of Part X.

  12. PART XI Miscellaneous.

    1. Watercourses, ditches, ponds, &c.

      1. 259.Nuisances in connection with watercourses, ditches, ponds, and &c.

      2. 260.Power of parish council, or local authority, to deal with ponds, ditches, and &c.

      3. 261.Provision for obtaining order for cleansing offensive ditches lying near to, or forming, boundary of district.

      4. 262.Power of local authority to require culverting of watercourses and ditches where building operations in prospect.

      5. 263.Watercourses in urban district not to be culverted except in accordance with approved plans.

      6. 264.Urban authority may require repair and cleansing of culverts.

      7. 265.Power of local authority to defray cost of, or execute, works relating to watercourses.

      8. 266.Saving for land drainage authorities, the London County Council, railway companies and dock undertakers.

    2. Ships and boats.

      1. 267.Application to ships and boats of certain provisions of Act.

    3. Tents, vans, sheds, &c.

      1. 268.Nuisances arising from, and byelaws and other matters relating to, tents, vans, and &c.

      2. 269.Power of local authority to control use of moveable dwellings.

    4. Hop-pickers, &c.

      1. 270.Byelaws as to hop-pickers and persons engaged in similar work.

  13. PART XII General.

    1. Supplemental as to powers of councils.

      1. 271.Interpretation of " provide ".

      2. 272.Power of councils to combine for purposes of Act.

      3. 273.Provisions as to sub-committees.

      4. 274.Power of councils to execute works outside their county or district.

      5. 275.Power of local authority to execute certain work on behalf of owners or occupiers.

      6. 276.Power of local authority to sell certain materials.

      7. 277.Power of councils to require information as to ownership of premises.

      8. 278.Compensation to individuals for damage resulting from exercise of powers under Act.

    2. Breaking open of streets.

      1. 279.General provisions as to breaking open streets.

      2. 280.Protection for certain works of railway companies and dock undertakers.

      3. 281.Protection for tramway undertakings.

      4. 282.Application of 38 and 39 Vict. c. 55, s. 153.

    3. Notices, &c.

      1. 283.Notices to be in writing; forms of notices, and &c.

      2. 284.Authentication of documents.

      3. 285.Service of notices, and &c.

      4. 286.Proof of resolutions, and &c.

    4. Entry and obstruction.

      1. 287.Power to enter premises.

      2. 288.Penalty for obstructing execution of Act.

      3. 289.Power to require occupier to permit works to be executed by owner.

    5. Notices requiring the execution of works.

      1. 290.Provisions as to appeals against, and the enforcement of, notices requiring execution of works.

    6. Provisions as to recovery of expenses, doc.

      1. 291.Certain expenses recoverable from owners to be a charge on the premises: power to order payment by instalments.

      2. 292.Power to make a charge in respect of establishment expenses.

      3. 293.Recovery of expenses, and &c.

      4. 294.Limitation of liability of certain owners.

      5. 295.Power of local authority to grant charging orders.

    7. Prosecution of offences, die.

      1. 296.Summary proceedings for offences.

      2. 297.Continuing offences and penalties.

      3. 298.Restriction on right to prosecute.

      4. 299.Inclusion of several sums in one complaint, and &c.

    8. Appeals and other applications to courts of summary jurisdiction, and appeals to quarter sessions.

      1. 300.Appeals and applications to courts of summary jurisdiction.

      2. 301.Appeals to quarter sessions against decisions of justices.

      3. 302.Effect of decision of court upon an appeal.

    9. Arbitrations.

      1. 303.Mode of reference to arbitration.

    10. Judges and justices.

      1. 304.Judges and justices not to be disqualified by liability to rates.

    11. Protection of members and officers.

      1. 305.Protection of members and officers of certain local authorities from personal liability.

    12. Compulsory purchase.

      1. 306.Compulsory purchase of land by means of provisional order.

    13. Expenses and borrowing.

      1. 307.Contributions by county councils to certain expenses of county district councils.

      2. 308.Special expenses of rural authorities.

      3. 309.Expenses of joint boards.

      4. 310.Power to borrow on sewage land and plant.

      5. 311.Loans by Public Works Loan Commissioners.

    14. Powers of the Minister.

      1. 312.Confirmation of byelaws.

      2. 313.Orders for amendment or adaptation of local Acts.

      3. 314.Power to apply corresponding provisions of Act to joint boards, and &c, in substitution for repealed provisions.

      4. 315.Existing isolation hospital committees to be dissolved.

      5. 316.Adaptation, where necessary, of provisional order procedure.

      6. 317.Amendment of 38 and 39 Vict. c. 55, s. 303.

      7. 318.Local inquiries.

    15. Regulations.

      1. 319.Provisions as to regulations required to be laid before Parliament.

    16. Relinquishment and transfer of powers and duties.

      1. 320.Relinquishment of functions by district councils.

      2. 321.Complaint by county council to Minister of default of council of county district.

      3. 322.Power of Minister to enforce exercise of powers by local authorities, and &c, in default.

      4. 323.Subsidiary provisions on transfer of functions of body in default to county council.

      5. 324.Provisions as to exercise by Minister of functions of body in default.

      6. 325.Power to vary and revoke orders relating to defaults.

    17. General provisions as to transfer, compensation and superannuation rights of officers.

      1. 326.Provisions as to the transfer and compensation of officers and superannuation rights of transferred officers.

      2. 327.Provisions for compensation in certain cases to officers of trustees, and &c. executing local Acts.

    18. Savings.

      1. 328.Powers of Act to be cumulative.

      2. 329.Saving for certain provisions of the Land Charges Act, 1925.

      3. 330.Power of railway companies, dock undertakers and land drainage authorities to alter sewers, and &c. vested in a local authority.

      4. 331.Works affecting water rights.

      5. 332.Arbitration as to alteration of sewers, and &c, or injurious affection of water rights.

      6. 333.Protection for works of dock undertakers and for railways.

      7. 334.Protection for works of land drainage authorities, and &c.

      8. 335.Saving for works, powers, and &c. of London County Council.

      9. 336.Saving for powers and duties of Middlesex County Council as sewerage and sewage disposal authority.

      10. 337.Saving for certain payments in respect of drainage into sewers of another district.

      11. 338.Sewers or drains of collegiate and other corporate bodies and Government departments.

      12. 339.Saving for existing rights of drainage.

      13. 340.Works below high-water mark.

      14. 341.Power to apply provisions of Act to Crown property.

    19. Interpretation, transitory provisions, repeals, dec.

      1. 342.Application of portions of Act to London.

      2. 343.Interpretation.

      3. 344.Transitional provisions as to existing temporary buildings.

      4. 345.Transitional provisions as to offences and notices.

      5. 346.Repeals.

      6. 347.Short title, date of commencement, and extent.



      Provisions as to Medical Officers of Health and Sanitary Inspectors of Port Health Districts.

      1. Qualifications, duties, &c.

        1. 1.The Minister may by regulations prescribe— (a) the qualifications to...

        2. 2.(1) Compliance with the regulations made under sub-paragraph (a) of...

      2. Payments by councils of counties and county boroughs towards salaries.

        1. 3.Where in the case of a medical officer of health...

      3. Tenure of office.

        1. 4.(1) The following officers, that is to say—


      Sections of Act extending to London fob certain purposes.


      Enactments Repealed.

      1. PART I Repeals in the Public Health Act, 1875 (38 & 39 Vict. c. 55.).

      2. PART II Repeals in the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890 (53 & 54 Vict. c. 59.).

      3. PART III Repeals in the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1907 (7 Edw. 7. c. 53.).

      4. PART IV Repeals in the Public Health Act, 1925 (15 & 16 Geo. 5. c. 71.).

      5. PART V Repeals. (General).

      6. PART VI Repeals extending to London.

      7. PART VII Repeals extending to Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

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