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F17 No certiorari, &c.U.K.

No such conviction, or adjudication made on appeal therefrom, shall be quashed for want of form, or be removed by certiorari, or otherwise, into any of his Majesty’s superior courts of record, or in Scotland by advocation or suspension into any superior court; and no warrant of commitment shall be held void by reason of any defect therein, provided it be therein alleged that the party has been convicted, and there be a good and valid conviction to sustain the same.

Textual Amendments

F1S. 7 repealed (E.W.) by Courts Act 1971 (c. 23), Sch. 11 Pt. IV

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1S. 7 amended as to advocation by Court of Session Act (c. 100), s. 65