XVRegister of the Great Seal how to be rendered complete and authoritative.

And whereas it is of great Importance that the Record of Writs pairing under the Great Seal, and which is kept by the Director of Chancery, mould be in all respects complete, authentic, and authoritative; and that an Act of Sederunt .touching that Record was passed by the Lords of Council and Session on the Eleventh Day of February One thousand eight hundred and eight, to which it is expedient to give the Force and Effect of a Public Law; be it enacted, That the Keeper of the Great Seal or his Deputies, instead of delivering the failed Charters or other Writs to the Persons by whom these have been expede, (hall forthwith deliver the same, together with the Warrants thereof, to the Director of Chancery or his Deputy, by whom, after making the proper Entries of the Sealing in the Record, the Writs mail be delivered respectively to the Persons by whom they shall have been expede ; and the aforesaid Warrants shall remain, in the Possession of the Director of Chancery, until the same, together with the Register in which the relative Writs have been recorded, shall be transmitted to His Majesty's General Register House.