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SECOND SCHEDULEE+W Improvements referred to in Section Forty-seven

Part IIE+W

(1)E+WErection, alteration, or enlargement of buildings;

(2)E+WFormation of silos;

(3)E+WLaying down of permanent pasture;

(4)E+WMaking and planting of osier beds;

(5)E+WMaking of water meadows or works of irrigation;

(6)E+WMaking of gardens;

(7)E+WMaking or improving of roads or bridges;

(8)E+WMaking or improving of watercourses, ponds, wells, or reservoirs, or of works for the application of water power or for supply of water for agricultural or domestic purposes;

(9)E+WMaking or removal of permanent fences;

(10)E+WPlanting of hops;

(11)E+WPlanting of orchards or fruit bushes;

(12)E+WProtecting young fruit trees;

(13)E+WReclaiming of waste land;

(14)E+WWarping or weiring of land;

(15)E+WEmbankments and sluices against floods;

(16)E+WThe erection of wireworks in hop gardens;


[F1(18)E+WProvision of permanent sheep-dipping accommodation;]

Textual Amendments

[F2(19)E+WIn the case of arable land, the removal of bracken, gorse, tree roots, boulders, and other like obstructions to cultivation.]

Textual Amendments