Part 1The Office for Students

Quality and standards

26Report on operation of section 25 schemes

(1)Before the end of the initial period, the Secretary of State must appoint a suitable independent person for the purpose of preparing a report under this section.

(2)A person is “independent” for this purpose if the person—

(a)is not, and has never been, a member or employee of the OfS, and

(b)is not a servant or agent of the Crown.

(3)A person is “suitable” for this purpose if the person—

(a)has experience of providing higher education on behalf of, or being responsible for the provision of higher education by, a higher education provider, and

(b)appears to the Secretary of State to be a person who would command the confidence of registered higher education providers.

(4)As soon as possible after the end of the initial period, the appointed person—

(a)must prepare a report about the operation during that period of the section 25 scheme or schemes which were in operation for the whole or a part of that period, and

(b)must send the report to the Secretary of State.

(5)The report must cover the following in the case of each scheme—

(a)the process by which ratings are determined under the scheme and the sources of statistical information used in that process,

(b)whether that process, and those sources of statistical information, are fit for use for the purpose of determining ratings under the scheme,

(c)the names of the ratings under the scheme and whether those names are appropriate,

(d)the impact of the scheme on the ability of higher education providers to which the scheme applies to carry out their functions (including in particular their functions relating to teaching and research),

(e)an assessment of whether the scheme is in the public interest, and

(f)any other matters that the appointed person considers relevant.

(6)The Secretary of State must lay the report before Parliament.

(7)In this section—