Suitability of accommodation

12Suitability of private rented sector accommodation

(1)Article 3 of the Homelessness (Suitability of Accommodation) (England) Order 2012 (S.I. 2012/2601) (circumstances in which accommodation is not to be regarded as suitable for a person) (“the 2012 Order”) is amended in accordance with subsections (2) to (4).

(2)The existing text becomes paragraph (1).

(3)For “of a private rented sector offer under section 193(7F) of the Housing Act 1996” substitute “mentioned in paragraph (2)”.

(4)After paragraph (1) insert—

(2)The purposes are—

(a)determining, in accordance with section 193(7F) of the Housing Act 1996, whether a local housing authority may approve a private rented sector offer;

(b)determining, in accordance with section 193A(6) or 193C(9) of that Act, whether a local housing authority may approve a final accommodation offer made by a private landlord;

(c)determining whether any accommodation—

(i)secured for a person who has a priority need by a local housing authority in discharge of their functions under section 189B(2) or 195(2) of that Act, and

(ii)made available for occupation under a tenancy with a private landlord,

is suitable for the purposes of the section concerned.

(5)The amendments made by this section are without prejudice to any power to make an order or regulations amending or revoking article 3 of the 2012 Order.