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Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part 1 Registration

    1. Introduction

      1. 1.Meaning of “registered society”

    2. Registration

      1. 2.Societies that may be registered

      2. 3.Registration

      3. 4.Registration etc: special cases

    3. Cancellation of registration

      1. 5.Cancellation of registration: conditions for cancellation

      2. 6.Cancellation of registration: procedure and effect

      3. 7.Cancellation of registration: additional procedure in cases involving condition D

    4. Suspension of registration

      1. 8.Suspension of registration

    5. Appeals

      1. 9.Appeal against refusal to register or cancellation or suspension of registration

  3. Part 2 Name, rules, powers etc

    1. Name and charitable status

      1. 10.A society’s name

      2. 11.Registered name to be displayed and used

      3. 12.Charitable status to appear on documents etc

      4. 13.Change of name

    2. Rules: general

      1. 14.Content of a society’s rules

      2. 15.Rules to bind members

      3. 16.Amendment of rules

      4. 17.Appeal against refusal to register amendment of rules

      5. 18.Duty to provide copy of rules on demand

    3. Rules: supplementary provisions

      1. 19.Provision of rules with intent to mislead or defraud

      2. 20.Creation of offences by a society’s rules

      3. 21.Rules as to fund for purchase of government securities

      4. 22.Rules of agricultural, horticultural or forestry society may provide for loans without security

      5. 23.Supplementary provisions as to rules

    4. Maximum shareholding

      1. 24.Maximum interest in a society’s withdrawable shares

      2. 25.Power to amend limit in section 24

    5. Power to hold land

      1. 26.Power to hold land etc

    6. Power to invest etc

      1. 27.Power to invest

      2. 28.Proxy voting by societies

    7. Power to restrict use of assets

      1. 29.Power to restrict use of assets of a community benefit society

  4. Part 3 Members and officers

    1. Register of members and officers

      1. 30.Register of members and officers

    2. Provisions about certain kinds of member etc

      1. 31.Members under 18

      2. 32.Bodies corporate may be members

      3. 33.Society a member of another society: references to members making and signing documents etc

    3. Dealings with members

      1. 34.Advances to members

      2. 35.Remedies for members’ debts

      3. 36.Payments in respect of persons lacking capacity

    4. Distribution of member’s property in society on death

      1. 37.Nomination by member of entitlement to property in society on member’s death

      2. 38.Section 37: variation and revocation of nominations

      3. 39.Section 37: procedure on death

      4. 40.Death of member: distribution of property not exceeding £5,000

    5. Officers and employees in charge of money etc

      1. 41.Security to be given by certain officers

      2. 42.Duty of certain officers and employees to account

  5. Part 4 A society’s capacity and related matters

    1. Capacity of society and power of committee to bind it

      1. 43.Capacity of a society and relationship with its rules

      2. 44.Special resolutions under section 43

      3. 45.Power of committee to bind society

      4. 46.No duty to enquire as to capacity of society or authority of committee

      5. 47.Application of sections 43 and 45 to charitable societies

      6. 48.Transactions with committee members etc in excess of powers

      7. 49.Section 48: definitions

    2. Seals

      1. 50.Common seal

      2. 51.Power of society to have official seal for use abroad

      3. 52.Authorisation of use of official seal

    3. Execution of documents

      1. 53.Methods for execution of documents: England and Wales

      2. 54.Method for execution of contracts under seal: England and Wales

      3. 55.Execution of documents: Scotland

      4. 56.Execution of documents: presumption of validity of officer’s signature

    4. Other matters

      1. 57.Contracts, deeds and obligations made before registration of society

      2. 58.Bills of exchange and promissory notes

  6. Part 5 Charges over a society’s assets

    1. CHAPTER 1 Charges: England and Wales

      1. 59.Charges on assets of English and Welsh societies

      2. 60.Section 59: power to extend time for making application or to rectify errors

      3. 61.Notification of transactions relating to charges recorded under section 59

    2. CHAPTER 2 Charges: Scotland

      1. 62.Floating charges created by Scottish societies

      2. 63.Filing of information relating to charges created by virtue of section 62

      3. 64.Notification of charges etc: Scotland

    3. CHAPTER 3 Receiver or manager of society’s property

      1. 65.English and Welsh societies: restriction on appointment of administrative receiver

      2. 66.Duty to account etc of receiver or manager of a society’s property

  7. Part 6 Banking and lending by societies

    1. Banking

      1. 67.Registered society with withdrawable share capital not to carry on banking etc

      2. 68.Power to amend figures in section 67(2)

      3. 69.Society carrying on banking must display statement

      4. 70.Section 69: form of statement

    2. Discharge of charges securing lending by a registered society

      1. 71.Discharge of mortgages of property in England and Wales

      2. 72.Discharge of securities: land in Scotland

      3. 73.Discharge of securities: other property in Scotland

      4. 74.Receipt on payment of moneys secured to a society

  8. Part 7 Accounts, audit and annual returns

    1. Books of account

      1. 75.Duty to keep books of account etc

      2. 76.Form of books of account

    2. Year of account

      1. 77.Year of account: societies registered on or after 8 January 2012

      2. 78.Year of account: societies registered on or before 7 January 2012

    3. Accounts and balance sheets

      1. 79.Duty to prepare revenue accounts

      2. 80.Accounts and balance sheets to give a true and fair view

      3. 81.Duty to display latest balance sheet at registered office

      4. 82.Restrictions on publication of accounts and balance sheets

    4. Auditing of accounts etc

      1. 83.Duty to appoint auditors

      2. 84.Power of certain societies to disapply section 83

      3. 85.Duty to obtain report in certain cases where section 83 is disapplied

      4. 86.Power to require accounts etc for past years to be audited by qualified auditor

      5. 87.Auditors: content of report and powers

      6. 88.Persons appointed under section 82 or 85: powers etc

    5. Annual returns

      1. 89.Annual returns

      2. 90.Duty to provide copy of annual return on demand

    6. Auditors

      1. 91.Meaning of “qualified auditor”

      2. 92.Persons ineligible for appointment as auditors etc

      3. 93.Re-appointment and removal of qualified auditors

      4. 94.Resolutions relating to appointment or removal of auditors

      5. 95.Resolutions relating to auditors: auditors’ representations

      6. 96.Section 95: provision of auditor’s representations by making available on website

      7. 97.Remuneration of qualified auditors

    7. Group accounts

      1. 98.Group accounts

      2. 99.Section 98: exceptions

    8. Interpretation of Part 7

      1. 100.Meaning of company being a “subsidiary” of a society

      2. 101.Meaning of society being a “subsidiary” of another society

      3. 102.Interpretation of Part 7

  9. Part 8 Inspection and investigations

    1. Power to inspect books etc

      1. 103.Power of members etc to inspect own account and society’s register

      2. 104.Power of society to make rules authorising inspection of books

      3. 105.Power of FCA to appoint accountant or actuary to inspect a society’s books

    2. Inspectors and special meetings

      1. 106.Appointment of inspectors and calling of special meetings

      2. 107.Section 106: examinations and special meetings

    3. General restriction on inspection

      1. 108.General restriction on inspection of books

  10. Part 9 Amalgamations, conversions, dissolution etc

    1. Amalgamations and transfers of engagements between societies

      1. 109.Amalgamation of societies

      2. 110.Transfer of engagements between societies

      3. 111.Special resolutions under section 109 or 110

    2. Conversion of society into company etc

      1. 112.Conversion of society into a company, amalgamation with a company etc

      2. 113.Special resolutions under section 112

      3. 114.Conversion of society into a company: supplementary

    3. Conversion of company into society

      1. 115.Conversion of company into a registered society

      2. 116.Conversion of company into a society: member’s shareholding in company exceeds maximum permitted amount

      3. 117.Conversion of company into a society: no effect on liabilities

    4. Voluntary arrangements and administration

      1. 118.Power to apply provisions about company arrangements and administration

    5. Dissolution by an instrument of dissolution

      1. 119.Dissolution of society by an instrument of dissolution

      2. 120.Special resolutions under section 119

      3. 121.Instruments of dissolution: notification to FCA etc

      4. 122.Instruments of dissolution: advertisement, dissolution etc

    6. Dissolution on winding up

      1. 123.Dissolution of society on winding up

      2. 124.Liability of existing and former members in winding up

    7. Dissolution following administration

      1. 125.Dissolution following administration

    8. Restriction on dissolution etc

      1. 126.Dissolution etc to occur only after society’s property dealt with

  11. Part 10 Offences

    1. Offences

      1. 127.General offences

      2. 128.Offences by societies to be also offences by officers etc

      3. 129.Continuing offences

      4. 130.Misappropriation of a society’s property etc

      5. 131.Falsification of a society’s records etc

    2. Prosecution of offences

      1. 132.Prosecution of offences: persons who may bring proceedings and time for bringing them

      2. 133.Prosecution of societies: service of summons etc

  12. Part 11 Miscellaneous and general

    1. Application of company law etc

      1. 134.Power to amend this Act to assimilate to company law

      2. 135.Power to apply company law provisions on investigations, names and dissolution etc

      3. 136.Section 135: power to make consequential amendments

    2. Determination of disputes

      1. 137.Determination of disputes in accordance with a society’s rules

      2. 138.Determination of disputes under section 137: application to the court

      3. 139.Determination of disputes otherwise than under a society’s rules

      4. 140.Determination of disputes: supplementary

    3. Other miscellaneous provisions

      1. 141.Recovery of costs and expenses

    4. Northern Ireland societies

      1. 142.Northern Ireland societies whose rules are recorded by the FCA

    5. Documents

      1. 143.Form of documents etc

      2. 144.Form etc of electronic documents sent to FCA or PRA

      3. 145.Fees for inspection and copying of documents

      4. 146.Certain documents to be received in evidence

    6. Regulations and orders

      1. 147.Regulations and orders

    7. Interpretation

      1. 148.Meaning of “electronic form”, “by electronic means” etc

      2. 149.Interpretation of Act

  13. Part 12 Final provisions

    1. 150.Pre-commencement societies

    2. 151.Amendments, repeals etc

    3. 152.Channel Islands

    4. 153.Extent

    5. 154.Commencement

    6. 155.Short title


    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Forms of bond for officers of society

      1. Part 1 Forms applicable in England, Wales and Channel Islands

      2. Part 2 Form applicable in Scotland

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Form of receipt on mortgage, heritable security etc

      1. Part 1 Forms applicable in England and Wales

      2. Part 2 Forms applicable in Scotland

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Provision for certain pre-commencement societies

      1. 1.Introduction

      2. 2.Section 5 (cancellation of registration): societies registered before 26 July 1938

      3. 3.Powers of a society registered on or before 1 January 1894

      4. 4.Section 15: amendments registered on or before 27 March 1928 increasing a member’s financial contribution

      5. 5.Preservation of certain rules facilitating investment in government securities (section 21)

      6. 6.Maximum shareholding (section 24): effect of certain resolutions on society’s rules

      7. 7.Maximum deposits: effect of resolution on rules of societies registered before 27 April 1952

      8. 8.Maximum deposits: effect on certain resolutions on society’s rules

      9. 9.The 1968 Act: consequential amendments to rules

      10. 10.Section 37 (nomination by member of entitlement to property in society on member’s death): nominations made before 5 August 1954

      11. 11.Section 50 (common seals)

      12. 12.Section 59 (charges on assets of English and Welsh societies): instruments executed before 14 September 1967

      13. 13.Section 104 (inspection of books: power to authorise inspection)

      14. 14.Section 108 (inspection of books: general restriction)

      15. 15.Part 9: winding up of societies registered before 26 July 1938

    4. SCHEDULE 4

      Consequential amendments

      1. Part 1 Amendments of the Credit Unions Act 1979

        1. 1.The Credit Unions Act 1979 is amended as follows.

        2. 2.(1) Section 1 (registration) is amended as follows.

        3. 3.(1) Section 2 (supplementary provisions as to registration) is amended...

        4. 4.(1) Section 3 (use of name “credit union” etc) is...

        5. 5.(1) Section 4 (rules) is amended as follows.

        6. 6.(1) Section 6 (minimum number of members) is amended as...

        7. 7.In section 7(3) (shares) for “section 24(1) of the 1965...

        8. 8.(1) Section 7A (power to issue interest-bearing shares) is amended...

        9. 9.(1) Section 18 (power to appoint inspector and call meeting)...

        10. 10.(1) Section 20 (cancellation or suspension of registration etc) is...

        11. 11.(1) Section 21 (amalgamations and transfers of engagements) is amended...

        12. 12.In section 22 (no conversion of credit union into company...

        13. 13.(1) Section 23 (conversion of company into credit union) is...

        14. 14.In section 26 (prohibition on subsidiaries) for the words from...

        15. 15.(1) Section 28 (provisions as to offences) is amended as...

        16. 16.(1) Section 31 (interpretation etc) is amended as follows.

        17. 17.(1) Section 32 (Northern Ireland) is amended as follows.

        18. 18.(1) Schedule 1 (rules) is amended as follows.

      2. Part 2 Amendments of other Acts

        1. 19.Forged Transfers Act 1891 (c. 43)

        2. 20.Libraries Offences Act 1898 (c. 53)

        3. 21.Stock Transfer Act 1963 (c. 18)

        4. 22.Transport Act 1968 (c. 73)

        5. 23.National Savings Bank Act 1971 (c. 29)

        6. 24.Local Government Act 1972 (c. 7)

        7. 25.Friendly Societies Act 1974 (c. 46)

        8. 26.In section 40 (remuneration of qualified auditors), in subsections (1)...

        9. 27.In section 82(9) (amalgamation and transfer of engagements) for the...

        10. 28.In section 84A (conversion of registered societies into industrial and...

        11. 29.In section 109(1) (regulations) for “Industrial and Provident Societies Act...

        12. 30.(1) Schedule 6A (conversion of registered societies into industrial and...

        13. 31.Industrial Common Ownership Act 1976 (c. 78)

        14. 32.Housing Act 1985 (c. 68)

        15. 33.In section 5(2) (housing associations: “fully mutual”) for “society registered...

        16. 34.In section 6A (the Corporation) for “society registered under the...

        17. 35.In section 27AB (management agreements with tenant management organisations), in...

        18. 36.Housing Associations Act 1985 (c. 69)

        19. 37.Finance Act 1986 (c. 41)

        20. 38.Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 (c. 46)

        21. 39.Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 (c. 26)

        22. 40.Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 (c. 1)

        23. 41.Local Government and Housing Act 1989 (c. 42)

        24. 42.In section 67(1) (application of, and orders under, Part 5)—...

        25. 43.In section 69(8) (companies subject to local authority influence) for...

        26. 44.Opticians Act 1989 (c. 44)

        27. 45.Enterprise and New Towns (Scotland) Act 1990 (c. 35)

        28. 46.Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 (c. 12)

        29. 47.(1) Section 140E (merger leaving assets within UK tax charge)...

        30. 48.In section 140F(1)(b) (merger: assets outside UK tax charge) for...

        31. 49.In section 140G(1)(b) (treatment of securities issued on merger) for...

        32. 50.(1) Section 170 (interpretation of sections 171 to 181) is...

        33. 51.In the heading before section 217D for “Industrial and provident...

        34. 52.In section 217D(3) (disposal of assets on union, amalgamation or...

        35. 53.In Schedule 7AC (exemptions for disposals by companies with substantial...

        36. 54.Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (c. 52)

        37. 55.Housing Act 1996 (c. 52)

        38. 56.For “an industrial and provident society” (in each place except...

        39. 57.In section 1A (Welsh bodies) for paragraph (b) (not including...

        40. 58.In section 2(1)(b) (eligibility for registration) for the words from...

        41. 59.(1) Section 48(2) (powers of the manager: transfer of engagements)...

        42. 60.In section 57 (definitions relating to industrial and provident societies)...

        43. 61.In section 59(1)(b) (meaning of “officer” of registered social landlord)...

        44. 62.In section 60(1)(c) (meaning of “subsidiary”) for “the Friendly and...

        45. 63.In section 61(2) (meaning of “associate”) for “the Friendly and...

        46. 64.(1) Section 64 (index of defined expressions: Part 1) is...

        47. 65.(1) Schedule 1 (regulation of registered social landlords) is amended...

        48. 66.Scotland Act 1998 (c. 46)

        49. 67.Greater London Authority Act 1999 (c. 29)

        50. 68.Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (c. 8)

        51. 69.In section 138K(5)(c) (consultation: mutual societies) for “the Industrial and...

        52. 70.In section 355(1) (interpretation of Part 24) in the definition...

        53. 71.Section 417(1) (definitions) is amended as follows.

        54. 72.In Part 2 of Schedule 11A (transferable securities) in paragraph...

        55. 73.Terrorism Act 2000 (c. 11)

        56. 74.Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (c. 41)

        57. 75.In section 26(8)(b) (financial structure of registered party: adoption of...

        58. 76.In section 54(2)(g) (permissible donors) for the words from “or...

        59. 77.In Schedule 6 (details to be given in donation reports)...

        60. 78.In Schedule 6A (details to be given in transaction reports)...

        61. 79.Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 (asp 10)

        62. 80.Land Registration Act 2002 (c. 9)

        63. 81.Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (c. 29)

        64. 82.Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 (c. 1)

        65. 83.Licensing Act 2003 (c. 17)

        66. 84.In section 64(2) (additional conditions for supply of alcohol) for...

        67. 85.(1) Section 65 (industrial and provident societies, friendly societies etc)...

        68. 86.Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 (c. 21)

        69. 87.Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004 (c. 27)

        70. 88.(1) Section 15D(4)(g) (permitted disclosure of information obtained under compulsory...

        71. 89.In section 53(b) (ceasing to be a community interest company)...

        72. 90.(1) Section 56 (becoming an industrial and provident society) is...

        73. 91.Housing Act 2004 (c. 34)

        74. 92.Income Tax (Trading and Other Income) Act 2005 (c. 5)

        75. 93.In sections 367(3) and 369(2) for “industrial and provident society...

        76. 94.(1) Section 379 (industrial and provident society payments) is amended...

        77. 95.In section 483(3) (exclusion of credit union group life policies)...

        78. 96.Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 (asp 10)

        79. 97.(1) Section 56 (conversion of charity which is a company...

        80. 98.In section 58(3)(b) (conversion: supplementary) for “Industrial and Provident Societies...

        81. 99.Companies Act 2006 (c. 46)

        82. 100.(1) Section 461(4)(g) (permitted disclosure of information obtained under compulsory...

        83. 101.In section 1099(3)(e) (registrar’s index of company names etc) for...

        84. 102.(1) In Part 2 of Schedule 2 (permitted disclosure for...

        85. 103.(1) In Part 2 of Schedule 11A (permitted disclosure for...

        86. 104.Income Tax Act 2007 (c. 3)

        87. 105.(1) Section 151(1) (interpretation of Chapter 6 of Part 4)...

        88. 106.In section 198A(9) (excluded activities: subsidised generation or export of...

        89. 107.In section 309A(9) (excluded activities: subsidised generation or export of...

        90. 108.In section 853(2)(b)(iii) (meaning of “deposit-taker”) for “the Industrial and...

        91. 109.In section 874(5)(a) (duty to deduct from certain payments of...

        92. 110.(1) Section 887 (industrial and provident society payments) is amended...

        93. 111.In section 991(3)(c) (meaning of “bank”) for “the Industrial and...

        94. 112.(1) Schedule 4 (index of defined expressions) is amended as...

        95. 113.Building Societies (Funding) and Mutual Societies (Transfers) Act 2007 (c. 26)

        96. 114.(1) Section 3 (transfers to subsidiaries of other mutuals) is...

        97. 115.In section 4(5) (transfers to subsidiaries: distribution of funds) for...

        98. 116.Serious Crime Act 2007 (c. 27)

        99. 117.Bankruptcy and Diligence etc. (Scotland) Act 2007 (asp 3)

        100. 118.(1) Subsection (1) is amended as follows.

        101. 119.In subsection (2), for “4” substitute “63”.

        102. 120.(1) Subsection (3) is amended as follows.

        103. 121.Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (c. 17)

        104. 122.For “an industrial and provident society” (in each place) substitute...

        105. 123.For “industrial and provident society” (in each place except in...

        106. 124.In section 79(1)(b) (English bodies) for “the Industrial and Provident...

        107. 125.(1) Section 134 (non-audited industrial and provident society) is amended...

        108. 126.(1) Section 157 (extra powers of manager of industrial and...

        109. 127.In section 161(2) (company: conversion into industrial and provident society)...

        110. 128.In section 163 (industrial and provident society: restructuring) for subsection...

        111. 129.In section 164(3) (industrial and provident society: winding up) for...

        112. 130.(1) Section 165 (industrial and provident society: dissolution) is amended...

        113. 131.(1) Section 167 (transfer of property) is amended as follows....

        114. 132.In section 212(6) (industrial and provident societies: change of rules)...

        115. 133.In section 255(4) (amalgamation) for “section 50 of the Industrial...

        116. 134.In section 270 (meaning of “officer”) for “section 74 of...

        117. 135.In section 271(4) (meaning of “subsidiary” and “associate”) for “the...

        118. 136.In section 275 (general)— (a) omit the definition of “industrial...

        119. 137.In section 276 (index of defined terms)—

        120. 138.Local Transport Act 2008 (c. 26)

        121. 139.Counter Terrorism Act 2008 (c. 28)

        122. 140.Corporation Tax Act 2009 (c. 4)

        123. 141.For “registered industrial and provident society” (in each place where...

        124. 142.For “the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965” (in each...

        125. 143.For “industrial and provident societies” (in each place where those...

        126. 144.In section 465(3)(d) (exclusion of distributions except in tax avoidance...

        127. 145.In section 499 (industrial and provident society payments treated as...

        128. 146.In Schedule 4 (index of defined expressions)—

        129. 147.Finance Act 2009 (c. 10)

        130. 148.Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009 (c. 20)

        131. 149.For “an industrial and provident society” (in each place) substitute...

        132. 150.In section 40(4) (exclusions) for the words from “subsection (1)”...

        133. 151.In section 43(6)(c) (right of entity to appoint auditor to...

        134. 152.(1) Section 44(4) (functions of auditor not appointed to conduct...

        135. 153.(1) Section 54(1) (interpretation) is amended as follows.

        136. 154.In section 113B(6) (boundaries of power under section 113A)—

        137. 155.Corporation Tax Act 2010 (c. 4)

        138. 156.For “registered industrial and provident society” (in each place where...

        139. 157.In section 47 (registered industrial and provident societies) for the...

        140. 158.(1) Section 90(1) (interpretation of Chapter 5 of Part 4)...

        141. 159.In section 151(2) (meaning of 75% subsidiary) for “registered industrial...

        142. 160.In section 645(3) (tests to be satisfied by the association)...

        143. 161.In section 653(3)(a) (approval of self-build societies) for “the Industrial...

        144. 162.In section 654(1) (delegation of powers to Regulator of Social...

        145. 163.In the table in section 1001 (provisions related to paragraphs...

        146. 164.In section 1029(1) (overview of Chapter 3 of Part 23)—...

        147. 165.In the heading before section 1055 for “Industrial and provident...

        148. 166.In section 1055 (industrial and provident societies: interest and share...

        149. 167.In section 1056(1)(b) (dividend or bonus relating to transactions) for...

        150. 168.(1) Section 1119 (definitions) is amended as follows.

        151. 169.In section 1120(3)(c) (meaning of “bank”) for “the Industrial and...

        152. 170.In Schedule 4 (index of defined expressions)—

        153. 171.Taxation (International and Other Provisions) Act 2010 (c. 8)

        154. 172.Finance Act 2010 (c. 13)

        155. 173.Finance Act 2011 (c. 11)

        156. 174.Localism Act 2011 (c. 20)

        157. 175.In section 4(4)(b) (limits on doing things for commercial purpose...

        158. 176.In section 190(3) (transfer of property of Homes and Communities...

        159. 177.In section 191(5) (abolition of London Development Agency and transfer...

        160. 178.In section 200(9) (transfers of property etc to a Mayoral...

        161. 179.In section 216(4) (transfers of property, rights and liabilities) in...

        162. 180.Public Bodies Act 2011 (c. 24)

        163. 181.Charities Act 2011 (c. 25)

        164. 182.(1) Section 229 (application for conversion by registered society) is...

        165. 183.(1) Schedule 3 (exempt charities) is amended as follows.

    5. SCHEDULE 5

      Transitionals and savings

      1. 1.Continuity of the law

      2. 2.(1) This paragraph applies to a reference (express or implied)...

      3. 3.(1) Sub-paragraph (2) applies to a reference (express or implied)...

      4. 4.Any power conferred by an Act that is exercisable in...

      5. 5.Anything done, or having effect as if done, under (or...

      6. 6.(1) Paragraphs 1 to 5 have effect in place of...

      7. 7.Effect of old transitionals and savings

      8. 8.(1) The repeal by this Act of an enactment previously...

      9. 9.Use of existing forms etc

      10. 10.Meaning of “enactment”

    6. SCHEDULE 6

      Transitory modifications etc

      1. 1.Establishment of a single county court

      2. 2.Amendments relating to the punishment of offences in England and Wales

      3. 3.Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 (asp 5)

    7. SCHEDULE 7

      Repeals and revocations

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Legislation is available in different versions:

Latest Available (revised):The latest available updated version of the legislation incorporating changes made by subsequent legislation and applied by our editorial team. Changes we have not yet applied to the text, can be found in the ‘Changes to Legislation’ area.

Original (As Enacted or Made): The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made. No changes have been applied to the text.


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Access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item from this tab. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include:

  • the original print PDF of the as enacted version that was used for the print copy
  • lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item
  • confers power and blanket amendment details
  • all formats of all associated documents
  • correction slips
  • links to related legislation and further information resources

More Resources

Use this menu to access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item. Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include:

  • the original print PDF of the as enacted version that was used for the print copy
  • correction slips

Click 'View More' or select 'More Resources' tab for additional information including:

  • lists of changes made by and/or affecting this legislation item
  • confers power and blanket amendment details
  • all formats of all associated documents
  • links to related legislation and further information resources