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SCHEDULE 13E+W16 to 19 Academies and alternative provision Academies: consequential amendments

Other ActsE+W

16(1)EIA 2006 is amended as follows.E+W

(2)In section 7 (invitation for proposals for establishment of new schools), in subsection (2)(b), for “Academy” substitute “ Academy school ”.

(3)In section 100 (duty of governing body or proprietor where pupil excluded for fixed period), in subsection (5), in the definition of “governing body”, for “Academy,” substitute “ Academy school, an alternative provision Academy, ”.

(4)In section 104 (notice to parent relating to excluded pupil), in subsection (8), in paragraph (c) of the definition of “the appropriate authority”, for “Academy,” substitute “ Academy school, an alternative provision Academy, ”.

(5)In section 111 (meaning of “maintained school” and “relevant school” in Chapter 2 of Part 7), in the definition of “relevant school”, for paragraph (b) substitute—

(b)an Academy school,

(ba)an alternative provision Academy,.

(6)In section 123 (inspections: education and training to which Chapter applies), in subsection (1) after paragraph (b) insert—

(ba)education provided in 16 to 19 Academies;.

(7)In section 125 (inspection of further education institutions), in subsection (1) (amended by section 42), after “sector” insert “ , and all 16 to 19 Academies, ”.

(8)In Schedule 2 (consideration, approval and implementation of proposals for establishment or discontinuance of schools in England), in paragraph 3A(a) (inserted by Schedule 11), for “an Academy” substitute “ an Academy school ”.

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 13 para. 16 in force at 1.4.2012 by S.I. 2012/924, art. 2