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Sections 45(2) and 52(2)

SCHEDULE 2U.K.Repeals and revocations

Part 1U.K.Terrorist asset-freezing

F1. . .F1. . .

Textual Amendments

Part 2 U.K.Terrorist financing, money laundering etc.

Commencement Information

I1Sch. 2 Pt. 2 in force at 31.3.2012 by S.I. 2011/2835, art. 2(d)

I2Sch. 2 Pt. 2 partly in force; Sch. 2 Pt. 2 in force for specified purposes at 17.12.2010, see s. 55(1)(2)

ReferenceExtent of repeal
Counter-Terrorism Act 2008

In Schedule 7—


paragraph 5(2)(f),


in paragraph 18(1), paragraph (d) and the word “or” before the paragraph,


in paragraph 18(2), paragraph (d) (but not the word “or” at the end of the paragraph),


in paragraph 28, sub-paragraph (2) and, in sub-paragraph (3), the words “or court”, and


in paragraph 39(2), paragraph (d).