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Part 1E+WStructural and boundary change in England

Chapter 1E+WStructural and boundary change

Change from two tiers to single tier of local governmentE+W

1“Principal authority” and “single tier of local government”E+W

(1)For the purposes of this Chapter, each of the following is a “principal authority”—

(a)a county council in England;

(b)a district council in England.

(2)For the purposes of this Chapter there is “a single tier of local government” for an area if—

(a)there is a county council and no district councils for that area; or

(b)there is a district council and no county council for that area.

(3)For the purposes of subsection (2)(b) there is a county council “for” an area which is a district if there is a county council which has in relation to that area the functions of a county council.

Commencement Information

I1S. 1 in force at 1.11.2007 for E. by S.I. 2007/3136, art. 2(a)