Gambling Act 2005

252Promoting a lotteryE+W+S

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(1)For the purposes of this Act a person promotes a lottery if he makes or participates in making the arrangements for a lottery.

(2)In particular, a person promotes a lottery if he—

(a)makes arrangements for the printing of lottery tickets,

(b)makes arrangements for the printing of promotional material,

(c)arranges for the distribution or publication of promotional material,

(d)possesses promotional material with a view to its distribution or publication,

(e)makes other arrangements to advertise a lottery,

(f)invites a person to participate in a lottery,

(g)sells or supplies a lottery ticket,

(h)offers to sell or supply a lottery ticket,

(i)possesses a lottery ticket with a view to its sale or supply,

(j)does or offers to do anything by virtue of which a person becomes a member of a class among whom prizes in a lottery are to be allocated, or

(k)uses premises for the purpose of allocating prizes or for any other purpose connected with the administration of a lottery.

(3)In subsection (2) “promotional material” means a document which—

(a)advertises a specified lottery,

(b)invites participation in a specified lottery,

(c)contains information about how to participate in a specified lottery, or

(d)lists winners in a specified lottery.

(4)Where arrangements for a lottery are made by an external lottery manager on behalf of a society or authority, for the purposes of this Act both the external lottery manager and the society or authority promote the lottery.

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I1S. 252 in force at 1.1.2007 by S.I. 2006/3272, art. 2(1), Sch. 1 (with arts. 7-11, 7-12, Sch. 4)