6Short title, commencement and extent

(1)This Act may be cited as the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004.

(2)Apart from this section, this Act comes into force on such day as may be appointed by order made by statutory instrument.

(3)An order under subsection (2) is to be made—

(a)in relation to England, by the Secretary of State, and

(b)in relation to Wales, by the National Assembly for Wales.

(4)Different days may be appointed for different provisions or for different purposes.

(5)The Secretary of State may by order made by statutory instrument provide that section 3 of this Act shall have effect in its application to the Isles of Scilly with such modifications as are specified in the order.

(6)A statutory instrument containing an order under subsection (5) shall be subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of either House of Parliament.

(7)This Act extends to England and Wales only.